Definitions for "DSS"
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Digital Subscriber Signalling. Signalling protocol between the terminal and the network. There are various national (VN4, 1TR6, etc.) or international (EDSS-1, Q.931, etc.) versions.
Digital Sky Survey
Digital Satellite Systems
See Decision Support System.
Decision Support Systems - designed to increase shippability, aytomate marketing and sales analysis and identify consumer preference trends by product, location and time.
DSS is a state agency within the Department of Education (DOE) and is responsible for ensuring that special education services are provided to children with disabilities.
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Direct Station Select A button on a phone system endpoint used to directly dial a person or extension associated with that button.
Direct Station Select. This is a piece of equipment that is usually attached to the operator's phone set. This unit then allows the operator to call or transfer a call to a particular extension with one touch of the button. In most cases this equipment also has lights that show what is happening at each extention (busy, on hold, etc.)
Direct Station Selection. Ability to call any station within a PBX by means of a single pushbutton associated with that station number. A DSS panel is usually part of an attendant console.
State of Maryland Department of Social Services - Local county agencies which provide a large range of services including: public assistance payments, medical Assistance, protective services to children and adults, and services to families with children. These local agencies are under the State Department of Human Resources.
Diplomatic Security Service. A branch of the U.S. State Department that handles visa and passport fraud investigations and protective details for visiting foreign dignitaries in the U.S. as well as supervising the security of American embassies and personnel abroad.
Defense Security Service
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Diamond Star Specialties. A DSM tuner that also makes parts for the Colt/Mirage turbo and are based in San Louis Obispo, California.
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Dubai Summer Surprises
Deep Spectroscopic Survey [EXPTIME=1,500,000 s
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Dead Sea Scrolls found in the region of Wadi Qumran 1947.
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Dengue Shock Syndrome
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Dear Step-Son.
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Decent, Safe, and Sanitary [housing units
Distinguished Seminar Series
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a shield made from dragon scales.
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duty cycle