Definitions for "Skipjack"
An encryption algorithm specified as part of the Fortezza encryption suite. Skipjack is a symmetric cipher with a fixed key length of 80 bits. Skipjack is a classified algorithm created by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). The technical details of the Skipjack algorithm are secret.
Block cipher developed by NSA and provided in the CAPSTONE, CLIPPER, and FORTEZZA devices.
An NSA-developed encryption algorithm for the Clipper chip. The details of the algorithm are unpublished.
A shallow sailboat with a rectilinear or V-shaped cross section.
A wide bottomed sailing boat first used for oyster dredging.
The skipjack is a type of sailboat developed on the Chesapeake Bay for oyster dredging. It succeeded the bugeye as the chief oystering boat on the bay, and remains in service due to laws restricting the use of powerboats in the Maryland state oyster fishery.
A name given to several kinds of a fish, as the common bluefish, the alewife, the bonito, the butterfish, the cutlass fish, the jurel, the leather jacket, the runner, the saurel, the saury, the threadfish, etc.
oceanic schooling tuna of considerable value in Pacific but less in Atlantic; reaches 75 pounds; very similar to if not the same as oceanic bonito
medium-sized tuna-like food fish of warm Atlantic and Pacific waters; less valued than tuna
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An upstart.
Name of the first American nuclear submarine class to have a teardrop-shaped hull. Extraordinarily fast but extraordinarily cramped.
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An elater; a snap bug, or snapping beetle.
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able to right itself when on its back by flipping into the air with a clicking sound