Definitions for "Cryptography"
The act or art of writing in code or secret characters; also, secret characters, codes or ciphers, or messages written in a secret code.
The science which studies methods for encoding messages so that they can be read only by a person who knows the secret information required for decoding, called the key; it includes cryptanalysis, the science of decoding encrypted messages without possessing the proper key, and has several other branches; see for example steganography.
Originally, the study of secret writing, including codes and ciphers. Nowadays, the science of mathematical techniques called encryption (which see) allowing distribution or transmission of information or data so that it can only be read or used by the intended recipients.
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a popular asymmetric key cryptosystem, used in the famous PGP email program
the art of creating and using cryptosystems.
The art of designing, analyzing and attacking cryptographic schemes , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, Glossary of IT Terms Term Definition ata analysis Typically in large organisations where the quantum of data processed by the ERPs are extremely voluminous, analysis of patterns and trends prove to be extremely useful in ascertaining the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Most ERPs provide opportunities for extraction and analysis of data, some with built-in tools through the use of third-party developed tools that interface with the ERP systems
Cybersquatting Denial of service attack
A method of securing data transmissions to and from an Internet server.