Definitions for "ERP"
Enterprise Resource Planning. An amalgamation of a companys information systems...
Enterprise Resource Planning. A way to manage various business functions using a system of software with multiple components. ERP is usually integrated with relational databases. It can also include modules for finance and HR activities. The deployment of an ERP system can involve considerable business process, procedure and workflow analysis / reengineering, employee retraining, new work procedures and gap analysis on standard function and specific user requirement so as to define the scope of customization.
Enterprise Resource Planning (see below for details), software systems to run manufacturing and related processes across the enterprise. Usually heavily configured per enterprise.
Effective Radiated Power. Usually used when referring to the power of an FM station. It means the transmitter is transmitting a certain amount of power, but when that power is sent up through the antenna, the antenna multiplies it and makes it stronger. You may have a 1000 watt transmitter sending an FM signal into an antenna with 10 high-gain FM bays on it that might multiply it by 10. So this FM station has an ERP-effective radiated power of 10,000 watts. FM stations are measured by their ERP, not their actual power.
Effective Radiated Power ESMR
Abbreviation for Effective Radiated Power. The amount of power actually radiated by a transmitter and antenna combination (the applied power multiplied by the efficiency of the antenna).
Erp is a relatively small town in the Netherlands the east of the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in between major cities such as Den Bosch (northwest), Eindhoven (southwest) and Helmond (southeast). Before 1994, the municipality of Erp included the villages of Boerdonk and Keldonk.
Erp is a village in Germany, in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. It has about 2650 inhabitants (2006).
Estimated Resident Population. The official Australian Bureau of Statistics estimate of the Australian population. The ERP is based on results of the Census and is compiled at 30 June each census year and updated for Australia, States and Territories quarterly between censuses, and annually for statistical local areas. The intercensal estimates are revised each time the census is taken. Refer to "Census" for further information.
Estimated resident population. ERP data are quarterly estimates of the Australian population obtained by adding to the estimated population at the beginning of each period the components of natural increase (on a usual residence basis) and net overseas migration gain. Ex-nuptial births - births where the mother was not registered as married at the time of the birth. Ex-nuptial births include those where the parents were living together in a de facto relationship at the time of the birth.
Edilizia Residenziale Pubblica
Early Redemption Penalty. A penalty charged by a lender if the borrower withdraws from a mortgage before a specific date, details of which will be on your mortgage offer. These penalties are particularly used by lenders where the mortgage is taken out on special/preferential terms (eg: fixed or discounted rates, cashback, etc)
Early Redemption Penalty. See Early Repayment Charge (ERC).
Early Repayment Penalty. This is a penalty charged on traditional (i.e. non- flexible) mortgages when the loan is repaid in full within a set period. Usually it applies on a pro rata basis when capital repayments are made outside of the agreed monthly payments. Many early repayment charge periods are linked to those of offers, such as capped, discounted or fixed rate periods. However, some mortgages have extended early repayment charges which tie-in borrowers even while they are paying the Lender's standard variable rate.
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Extended Reporting Period. A period allowing for making claims after expiration of a "claims-made" liability policy. Also known as a "tail." See also Basic ERP, Supplemental ERP, Mini Tail, Midi Tail, Maxi Tail.
Extended Reporting Period. We often refer to this as "RPC" for Reporting Period Coverage. In 'claims-made" liability policies, only those claims that occur after the retroactive date and are reported or filed against the insured during the policy period are covered by the policy. The ERP, or tail, is an endorsement available to extend the reporting period for the filing of a claim to give additional time in order to be considered covered.
EXTENDED REPORTING PERIOD. in claims-made liability coverage, the ERP provides a limited time after the policy period during which claims can be made and covered by that policy for occurrences that took place prior to the end of the policy period. Some policies contain a limited ERP and offer the option of purchasing a longer ERP. (See CLAIMS-MADE COVERAGE)
Economic recovery programme
Error Recovery Procedure. In the event of a potential defective area of tape, the drive will stop processing data and effectively process errors by performing mechanical drive retries. This does impact processing time and may lead to a block of data being written elsewhere on the tape.
Effective rate of protection
Effective Reference Performance Advanced training in conducting reference interviews to increase the level of patron satisfaction. Workshop series funded by the State Library.
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Elizabeth River Project
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Earth rotation parameter
Earth Rotation Parameters 'n‹…‰ñ“]ƒp
Environmental Restoration Program Fahrenheit
Eligibility Review Program
Ethical Review Process
Education Recognized Program; a program that has been approved as meeting The National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education. CMS calls these programs "accredited" because American Diabetes Association is now recognized as an "accreditation organization".
Another name for front and back office applications software. Examples of applications within ERP include Purchasing, Materials Receipt, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and Customer Service.
See Packaged Applications.
Emergency Response Providers Enabling Research. Applied research that advances existing technologies, enabling them to support ITS applications. This research has refined technology for eventual field testing, developed evaluation methods to determine potential benefits and cost effectiveness, developed human factors guidelines, and established performance specifications and criteria.
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Education for Rural People
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Electronic Road Pricing
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Exposure Response Prevention. A type of behavioral therapy.
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en route reporting point
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engineer regulating point