Definitions for "PLM"
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A product development and management product from SAP.
Product Lifecycle Management (software). Software tools used, primarily by industrial manufacturing companies to document and support the complete life cycle of their products and to devise and manage ancillary services, such as product maintenance. PLM products are increasingly integrated with ERP and CAD software.
Acronym for Product Lifecycle Management A business strategy that helps companies share product data, apply common processes, and leverage corporate knowledge for the development of products from conception to retirement across the extended enterprise. By including all actors (company departments, business partners, suppliers, OEM, and customers), PLM enables this entire network to operate as a single entity to conceptualize, design, build, and support products. Defined broadly, PLM is an information-driven approach to all aspects of a product’s life, from design to manufacture to deployment and maintenance, eventually ending when the product is removed from service and disposed. Imagine all of these steps enabled by a set of highly integrated processes, methods, and tools. PLM systems are really an outgrowth of product document management, or PDM systems, and are geared more toward CAD data than simulation data.
Polarized Light Microscopy. A light microscope method used to analyze bulk samples of suspect asbestos-containing material.
Payload Module, the part of the Polar Platform which is mission-specific.
Polarized Light Microscopy. an examination that permits the identification of pigments and fibers. Pigment particles used for PLM are typically in the size range of 1–20 microns, or less than a thousandth of an inch.
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Paris Lyon Marseille
Periodic Leg Movement. A rapid partial flexion of the foot at the ankle, extension of the big toe, and partial flexion of the knee and hip that occurs during sleep. The movements occur with a penodicity of 20-60 seconds in a stereotyped pattern lasting 0.5-5.0 seconds and are a characteristic feature of the periodic limb movement disorder.
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DisorderTracker2 Module
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Interface card in the CellPath 300 that provides the logic to support the physical layer of the network link. A PLM has the actual physical port mounted on it. Various PLMs support various physical layers, such as OC-3c/STM1 or DS3.
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Principle of Least Motion.
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PLM Transportation Corporation