Definitions for "BAM"
A Gartner term that defines the concept of providing real-time access to critical business performance indicators to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations. At its broadest level, BAM is the convergence of operational business intelligence and real-time application integration. Compared with traditional business event monitoring and reporting, BAM requires a higher degree of organizational and architectural planning and investment due to: Its focus on real-time data, as well as real-time access to data. The use of information from multiple application systems, and other internal and external sources (unlike traditional monitoring, which uses a single source). The delivery of information through alerts and graphical displays (dashboards), which are customized and optimized for different users across the enterprise. See application integration, business intelligence and ZLE.
Business activity management.
Business Account Manager is the person responsible for managing client relationships
The ISO currency code for the Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark.
The ISO 4217 currency code for Bosnia & Herzegovinan Convertible Mark.
The Netscape internal code-name for our code modularization effort. It stands for "Born Again Modularization." It hinges upon XPCOM.
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An imposition; a cheat; a hoax.
To cheat; to wheedle.
An acronym for Building Area Measurement, LLC, the firm that provides training and consulting in U.S. practices and standards for building area measurement, serving property owners and managers, tenants, lenders, realtors, attorneys, appraisers and design professionals -
BAM (Bay Area Music), was a free music magazine produced in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in the mid 1970s and continuing on for 23 years until 1999. Its founder and publisher was Dennis William Mustafa Caroganis ("Denny") Erokan.
Bundesanstatl Fur Materialforschung und Prufung.
Abbreviation for "Big Assed Minivan." In other words, an SUV. Since most SUVs are purchased for entirely superficial reasons, it really pisses off their owners to be accused of having bought a Minivan, which is pretty much what they really did, whether or not they like to admit it.
Byelorussian Authocephalic Orthodox Church
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Basilar Artery Migraine
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Biofilm Accumulation Model
Board-a-match. A type of scoring in which one's score is always 0, 1, or one half, representing your team's doing worse, better, or exactly equal to the other team. This is not the same as the scores your teammates produce at Victory Points when you sit out, but it seems that way.
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to fool or trick someone.
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Billing and Measurement
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another name for bamboo