Definitions for "Customer Relationship Management"
CRM. Those aspects of a business strategy which relate to techniques and methods for attracting and retaining customers.
Software system involving customer-centric automation and management functionallity for sales, service and marketing. Should be integrated with supply chain management and enterprise resource management systems. Digital Asset Management System A software suite to manage digital files (e.g. images, documents, videos, presentations etc.). DAM-software may include functions to convert between file types and may be used as a content repository for other information systems, such as web content management systems.
"CRM is a business approach that integrates People, Processes and Technology to maximize the relations of an organizations with all types of customers. The true value of CRM is to transform strategy, operational processes and business functions in order to retain customers and increase customer loyalty and profitability." by Aris Pantazopoulos, Founder, CRM Today Click here for more definitions on CRM
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In web terms, this is the art of keeping your customers happy whilst having as little as possible to do with them! This is not quite as mean as it sounds: if your business starts 'scaling' up on the web, then you don't want to have to hire in extra resources just to answer simple questions. There's plenty of things that you can offer on a website that fulfil these objectives. By way of example, for manufacturers this may be online technical documents, manuals, spare part listings and 'how-to's; for theatres and schools, programme and availability information. Back