Definitions for "PRM"
The customer relationship management (CRM) element that extends sales, marketing, customer service and other enterprise business functions to partners to foster more-collaborative channel partner relationships.
Periodic Roll Management
Partner relationship management. This is the practice of providing sales, marketing, customer service, and other enterprise business functions to partners to foster more collaborative channel partner relationships.
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Performance Reference Model; FEA model showing strategy/goals/objectives that drive the architecture. Interior FEA models are posted on the Documents page
(2K8U) Performance Reference Model of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (2IYH)
OMB's Performance Reference Model - Mission, strategy, goals, and objectives that drive the architecture.
The highest pedigree gas reference material manufactured and certified by NMi. NIST and NMi have declared mutual equivalence for most PRMs and SRMs, and PRM gas standards (gas mixtures) can be used interchangeably with SRMs in certain applications.
Contract supervisor Natural person designated by Ministerial decree to have the delegated power to sign, in the name of the government, contracts or endorsements and to assume responsibility for this.
The People's Republic of Massachusetts. No explanation necessary if you move from somewhere out west (not including California) to the New England area.
Proactive Maintenance — Maintenance Before Machine Parts Malfunction, Flows from EMS or CM
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Precision Runway Monitor
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Premier, The Movie Magazine
Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (DOS)
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See Programmer Ready Materials.
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Parameter File
"(Interest) – The payments deducted or added to the account equity as a result of holding the position.