Definitions for "Movie"
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a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"
a datum of culture in its own right, and every film can be an ethnographic or an anthropological film--if it is looked at anthropologically or ethnographically
a great tool for promoting a book and for allowing people to visualize the story as the author has, but it is in no way a substitute for the actual experience of reading
A motion picture.
The motion picture industry or medium, generally.
A contiguous series of video frames (and optionally synchronized audio) that are displayed fast enough to provide the illusion of motion. A frame rate of 30 frames/second is a typical target for a smooth-running movie.
The spectacle transpiring in front of you at any giving time. Often refers to ridiculous antics. Most popular movies: `The Gate Movie,' `The "A" Camp Movie' and `The Cop Movie.' (From Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. [Wolfe 1968]).
an apparent continuum made up of static pictures (memories), but the static pictures are given "life" because some observer is able to remain stationary as they pass by the gate of the projector
a spectacle, and I try every time to be (conscious) with the ethical truthfulness of the period
a collaborative effort, and with painting you just have yourself
a joint effort by thousands of individuals, crew and support people and offers an experience that uses images and sound working in concert to convey and reinforce a message
a wonderful dining experience
a collection of digital media data contained in tracks, temporally organized in a storage medium, which is captured from and played to audio and video devices
a different medium than a comic book and having an emotionless man in a mask on screen for two hours would not be an easy sell
a medium of communication, and like any medium it has its conventions, those techniques or symbols that everybody understands
a shameful deadringer for "The Model") synth fluffiness along with equally light, playful lyrics delivered by the two female vocalists in sweet breathiness cozied up next to almost-spoken drollness a la Flying Lizards
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a present to myself
a bigger investment of time and money, and I would be reluctant to rely solely on recommendations from a computer program, no matter how sophisticated
a brilliantly nonchalant pop song that relies on the repetitive title phrase for its irresistible hook
a good way to end the day
a good way to pass two or two and a half hours before heading to the ballpark
a one-way discussion," Clarkson said
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QuickTime movie. This file can be viewed with QuickTime Player.
A structure of time-based data that is managed by QuickTime. A QuickTime movie may contain sound, video, animation, or a combination of data types. A QuickTime movie contains one or more tracks; each track represents a single data stream in the movie.
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a Daniel Treacy solo album in all but name
a polished version of real life NOT reality
The reality we create for ourselves based upon a script we are constantly writing. This concept allows us to take control of the circumstances of our lives by recognizing we are not victims but actors in a play who can change our role whenever we choose.
a different buisness
an entirely different beast than a TV show and to succeed it has to be
an exceedingly slow and tedious process
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a sock-puppet show with a more elaborate set
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a foreign DNA strand shot into your mind
a projection of sound and light that does exist outisde the viewer's mind
a premiere food delivery service that offers quality food from the South bay's finest restaurants to residences and business in the area
a fun thing to do, but not on a first date
a living thing
a much more finite, perfectible thing
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in-game demos with voice and action. check out demoland, or read the history of demos
a creative work, and the use of particular portions of that work may result in a derivative creation
a derivative work of a screenplay
The term Macromedia has chosen for a Director file. The analogy runs throughout the software-cast members, score, stage, and so on.
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a mini-vacation from the stress of the day
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a big undertaking
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The general term for a Flash file or its exported equivalent.
a term that describes a Flash file
an art form with the limit of time (and subsequently, the audience's attention span)
a piece of art
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a better bargain
Keywords:  divorce, marriage, guaranteed
a marriage with a guaranteed divorce
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a continuous two hours, while the videos are separate volumes
a two-hour capsule
Keywords:  sure, bet
a sure bet now
a collection of animated images or digital video in a single file
a collection of Scenes
a completely different animal
an animated painting
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a major event
Keywords:  tool, useful
a very useful tool
Keywords:  sum, parts
a sum of its parts
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a bit different in that you put it in and when it's over, it's over