Definitions for "Progressive"
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A keno game where the top prize increases until it is won. The prize may increase by a percent of wagers, a set amount per time period (hour, day, etc.) or any other method determined by the casino.
A game in which the jackpot starts at a specific amount but continues to grow steadily until someone wins it, after which it is reset and starts growing again.
Slots offering the largest jackpots. Machines have a base jackpot figure which grows with each coin played. After a jackpot is won, the machine is reset to the base jackpot.
Video capture or display by scanning such that a frame contains a complete image. Each frame contains a complete picture and uses more bandwidth than interlace scanning. Your home computer scans progressively which is why DVD movies look better on a computer than on a conventional television, which is interlace.
Attribute of HD Cameras and DVD Players. Each video frame is comprised of a complete picture typically replayed at 24 frames per second.
Since it scans all lines onscreen at once, 60 times per second, this type of scanning is used by computer monitors to minimize flickering. It is also better able to show movement, offering more detail and less ghosting than interlaced scanning.
Favoring improvement, change, progress, or reform, especially in a political context; -- used of people. Contrasted with conservative.
Disposed toward adopting new methods in government or education, holding tolerant and liberal ideas, and generally favoring improvement in civic life; -- of towns and communities.
A political philosophy advocating moderate political change and social improvement by governmental action. Progressives believed that the government should ride herd on corporate interests such as railroads, insurance companies, and oil companies, and act as an advocate for ordinary people. The progressives did not want to change the basic American system of property rights and capitalism, but they did want to make the system more equitable.
A disease is progressive if the symptoms will get worse over time
Increasing in scope or severity. Advancing. Going forward. In medicine, a disease that is progressive is going from bad to worse. See the entire definition of Progressive
Used in medicine to describe a condition or disease, which gets worse over time. In MS, there is the primary progressive form, that is progressive from the outset, and the secondary progressive form in which progression follows relapsing/remitting MS.
Evidence of ongoing tumor growth.
An aspectual category indicating an ongoing action. The estar + gerund form of Spanish is often called the Progressive.
Evolutionary degrees of change between negative-neutral-positive values, like a cycle progressively rises-peaks-declines, or while progressively changing up-down progressive ranges of society.
A Nationalist, making bold change; "ringing out the old," revolutionary change.
(archaic) someone dedicated to positive change in government
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punitive, unfair.
A directionally moving dance. For example, walking is a “progressive” movement. The Waltz and Fox Trot are examples of progressive dances.
Moving forward; proceeding onward; advancing; evincing progress; increasing; as, progressive motion or course; -- opposed to retrograde.
gradually advancing in extent
advancing in severity; "progressive paralysis"
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a socialist who is afraid of the label "socialist
an empathetic, fair-minded, thinking individual who realizes that justice and opportunity for all creates a truly strong and accomplished society
a person who works on an on-going basis for a better, peaceful world with fair wages for workers and a government that protects the common person, provides services for those who need them and pays for this with fair taxes
A term used to describe the course or natural history of a disease. It is frequently used, when unqualified, to indicate an unfavorable course.
an optimist possessing the vision and determination to strive to make life better for us all
Name given to a type of reloading press whereby one pull of the operating lever competes one stage of the process and allows the press to be moved to the next stage.
The word you use to compliment a forward-looking person who doesn't understand hard words.
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a tense of verbs used in describing action that is on-going
A system of pooling a fraction of each wager into a cumulative fund which is available for a top-pay win.
progressive collapse: motion of part of a structure causes collapse of adjacent part
a person who lives their life for the good of all others, especially those in need, without any thought to the cost to themselves in time, material goods, or social standing
a person who supports whatever feels good
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Characteristic of a powder which burns at a predictable rate compared to black powder, producing a relatively slow pressure build-up.
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a person who knows we cannot drive into the future using the rear-view mirror
Styles that have characteristics from being created by the latest of technology and technique in audio production.
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Of or pertaining to the Progressive party.
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n. any bitting position which is progressed rather than held constant
a person who believes that institutions exist to serve people, rather than that people exist to serve institutions
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(see Aspect)
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Improving; as, art is in a progressive state.
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describes the high draw games which once were played.