Definitions for "cumulative"
Augmenting, gaining, or giving force, by successive additions; as, a cumulative argument, i. e., one whose force increases as the statement proceeds.
Changes that increase by multiplying ranges of negative-neutral-positive values on a pyramid structure, like the trunk-limb-branches of a tree.
Enlarging or increasing by successive addition.
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Given by same testator to the same legatee; -- said of a legacy.
injuries that develop gradually over periods of weeks, months, or years as a result of repeated stress.
Often the effects of repeated exposures to chemicals are greater than single exposures. The cumulative effect is what occurs from repeated exposures over time. This can include exposures to one chemical over time, or exposures to multiple chemicals in a short amount of time.
Additive or increased effect or response of an organism to repeated pesticide exposure (repeat doses may be in different forms).
Added one to another, as in cumulative sentences. Custody 1 (In family law) the right to have, and the responsibility to make decisions concerning, the daily care and control of a child; 2 (In relation to choses in possession) a physical holding not amounting to possession. 3 (In criminal law) imprisonment; being taken into control by a police officer, an officer of the court, etc.
When the court orders that two or more sentences be served one after the other.
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adding on to the amount by degrees If each industry adopted an energy-saving policy, the cumulative effect could end the power crisis. cumulatively (adv), cumulativeness (n)
opening and saving the same Jpeg with different quality settings
ongoing total. All previous academic work is added to the current collegiate-level work to describe a student's academic status.
The overall accrued total of skills, knowledge, or items.
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Composed of parts in a heap; forming a mass; aggregated.
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Tending to prove the same point to which other evidence has been offered; -- said of evidence.
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synonym for reach.
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An arrangement in which a payment not made when due is carried over to the following...
The cumulative sum of a given index over a term