Definitions for "exposure"
The exposing of a sensitized plate to the action of light.
1. The act of letting light fall on a light sensitive material 2. The amount of light that passes through a lens (either a camera or photographic paper) to form an image. In the camera, too much light causes overexposure-this makes negative film look too dark and reversal film look too light. Underexposure (too little light) has the reverse effect. In enlarging, overexposure makes a print from a negative too dark and a print from a slide too light. Underexposure has the reverse effect.
The amount of light reaching the light-sensitive medium; i.e., the film or an image sensor. Also, the intensity of light multiplied by the length of time the light strikes the medium.
A term relating to the amount of ionizing radiation that is incident upon living or inanimate material.
A measurement of the amount of ionization produced by x-rays or gamma rays as they travel through air. The unit of radiation exposure is the roentgen, named for Wilhelm Roentgen, the German scientist who discovered x-rays in 1895
a measure of the number of ionizations produced by gamma or x rays in a volume of air; expressed in units of roentgen
A person's contact with a hazardous chemical in the course of employment through any route of entry (inhalation, ingestion, skin contact or absorption, etc.).
The time integral of the concentration of a toxicant which is in the immediate vicinity of various ports of entry (such as lung, GI tract and skin). Qualitatively, contact between a potentially harmful agent and a receptor (e.g., a human or other organism) that could be affected. [S. L. Brown
an event that occurs when there is contact at a boundary between a human being and the environment with a contaminant for a specific concentration for an interval of time: the units of exposure are concentration multiplied by time.
the length of each slate exposed to the weather, i.e., not covered by the next above course. Exposure is expressed in inches. A simple formula is used to compute the exposure: Deduct 3" (standard lap) from length of slate and divide by two. For a 24" slate, usual exposure is 24-3= 21, 21 divided by 2=10-1/2".
Serious, often fatal, illness caused by being outside in very cold weather.
The portion, generally stated in inches, of a shingle or siding which is exposed to the elements after installation.
The condition of being subjected to a source of risk.
A market position characterized by uncovered or unhedged mortgage pipeline and/or inventory risk that may result in a financial loss due to fluctuations in interest rates and other market factors.
The risk or loss potential an insurance company assumes from its policyholder in exchange for premium.
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This article is about the debut album from Exposé. For article about Robert Fripp album of the same name click here.
Exposure is the lone rock music solo album by Robert Fripp aka Bob Fripp, the guitarist famous for being the only constant member of the progressive rock band King Crimson. It consists of compositions embracing hard rock, ambient music, ballads, and musique concrète, and includes contribution from a variety of recording artists from divergent sub-genres in popular music of the late 1970s.
can refer to a variety of concepts: Exposure to the weather, to vertical drops, or to the sun. Climbers speak of exposure as the feeling of intense vertigo or even mental paralysis that accompanies standing on the edge of a large precipice. Rescuers may speak of climbers being overcome by exposure: ie, the cooling of the body due to low temperatures and/or wind. Finally, guidebooks will note a slopes exposure, ie, north, south, east or west facing, which is valuable in determining avalanche potential
Lots of distance between little ol' you and the ground or whatever it is that you would hit first if you were to fall. Multiple pitch climbs up steep routes provide climbers with lots of exposure and the adrenaline rush that comes with it.
the amount of space between the climber and the base of the climb
revealing the secret method to a magic effect
The disclosure of the secret method of how a trick is done--the big no-no in magic.
The width of each "board" of siding. Also called a reveal.
A scanner function that lightens or darkens the scanned image data.
The Exposure setting lightens or darkens an image. You can select from -10 (darkest) to 20 (brightest) by moving (clicking and dragging) the slider. The Exposure and Highlight controls are related. When the Exposure setting is changed, the Highlight value is automatically set.
The act of exposing or laying open, setting forth, laying bare of protection, depriving of care or concealment, or setting out to reprobation or contempt.
The state of being exposed or laid open or bare; openness to danger; accessibility to anything that may affect, especially detrimentally; as, exposure to observation, to cold, to inconvenience.
Act of leaving a corpse out to rot naturlaly where animals can eat it, or it will decompose in an open area.
The amount of chemical that enters the body by some route for a specified frequency and duration.
Concentration or amount of a pesticide that reaches the target population, organism, tissue or cell, usually expressed in numerical terms of concentration, duration and frequency. Also the process by which a substance becomes available for absorption by the target population, organism, tissue or cell, by any route. (after Duffus, 1993)
The concentration of the pollutant in the air multiplied by the population exposed to that concentration over a specified time period.
Bedrock not covered with soil or regolith; outcrop.
Part of a glacial deposit or bedrock that is visible at the Earth's surface.
An opportunity-to-see an advertisement.
all businesses have certain commercial liability exposures such as premises-operations, products-completed operations, contracts, contingent liability, personal injury and advertising injury.
What bottom-feeding clients offer to writers in lieu of actual money, i.e., “We can’t pay you much [or anything], but this is a great opportunity for you to gain exposure.” If you’re a writer offered such an “opportunity,” politely explain that you’re fully capable of exposing yourself, thank you.
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The loan amount as against the value of the asset/product.
The amount of money the house actually stands to lose on a game or a race.
The maximum amount of money a sportsbook stands to lose on a game.
proximity to hazard
the state of being physically at risk from a hazard. Researchers differentiate between voluntary and involuntary exposure to hazards (see voluntariness). Examples of involuntary exposure include air pollution (as we must breathe ambient air), toxic contamination of food (as we must eat), and water pollution (as we have to drink). We do, on the other hand, have a greater choice over where we live and what activities we engage in (living in coastal or seismically active zones is to some extent voluntary; smoking or bungee jumping are definitely voluntary).
People, the environment or property that may be exposed to the harmful effects of hazardous materials in an emergency.
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Valotus Exponering
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The presentation of an advertisement to an individual in the target market.
The extent to which the target audience becomes aware of a person, activity, theme, or organization from the efforts of PR or advertising.
the extent to which the target audience becomes aware of a person, message, activity, theme or organisation through the efforts of PR.
The total liabilities and potential claim s that the company may be liable for in a given project at a part icular time. [D04980] SCL
The total amount of credit committed to a borrower or a country. Banks can set rules to prevent over-exposure to any single borrower. In trading operations, it is the potential for running a profit or loss from fluctuations in market prices.
The number of potential consumers reached through specific medium.
Condition where you realise nothing exists between you and the distant ground but thin air.
The condition of being on high vertical rock with full consciousness that nothing exists between you and the distant ground but thin air.
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An exposure is the result from a complete set of switches. For example, in a JIGGLE/MAP or PHOTOM observation where the telescope is nodding the source between left and right beams, the data from each nod position is a switch and the reduced result `left switch' - `right switch' say, is an exposure. In a SCAN/MAP observation there is no beam switching so, in this case, an exposure is the same as a switch.
Turning an opponent's shoulders to the mat. Once the line of the back area breaks a 90-degree angle, points are scored. This can occur both from the feet and on the mat. A wrestler who holds his opponent in a danger position for five seconds will receive one extra point.
Turning an opponent's shoulders to the mat, thus exposing him to the possibility of a pin.
exposure - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Property that may be endangered by a fire burning in another structure or by a wildfire. Direction in which a slope faces, usually with respect to cardinal directions. The general surroundings of a site with special reference to its openness to winds. see also: Aspect
An object, such as a building or other structure, in the proximity of a fire and in danger of being ignited by the fire's heat.
Property near fire that May become involved by transfer of heat or burning material from main fire, typically by convection or radiation. May range from 40 feet to several miles, depending on size and type of fire or explosion.
Position as to points of compass, or to influences of climate, etc.
the act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience; "she denounced the exposure of children to pornography"
Something that you can die from
the disclosure of something secret; "they feared exposure of their campaign plans"
The direction something - your tent or campsite - is facing.
The total number of times visitors were exposed to an ad/page/product in a time period without regard to visitor duplication. See also Hit and Impression.
Total number of sessions at the web site in a time period, without regard to duplication.
The total radiant energy incident on a surface per unit area. It is the product of integration time and the radiant flux density.
Typically occurs when a region is destroyed, resized, or moved. Expose events are sent to applications to inform them when the contents of their regions need to be redisplayed.
This is the name given to the measured results. The maximum Electric Field Strength values in dB (microvolts per metre) are converted to Power Density in Watts per square metre
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Another name for hypothermia.
An exposure is a sequence of one or more reads, that are used to produce a single output image
(n) The orientation of a principal surface of an object relative to the image plane. The greater the exposure, the closer the surface(s) is to being parallel to the image plane and, therefore, the lower the distortion caused by foreshortening.
Our WebCams allow you to select automatic Exposure control. This function automatically compensates for an over or under-exposed environment. You get perfect exposure every time, without looking either too dark or too bright. You can also select manual Exposure control to define your own optimum exposure and how you want your picture to look like.
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The act of entering a boar into a group of breeding females.
a real danger to those workers employed in plants manufacturing Teflon, and to a lesser degree, to those people who live near such plants
On hillsides, it is the direction your garden faces.
A behavioral therapy technique that involves repeated exposure to an anxiety-producing stimulus or situation. go to glossary index
a high impact external issue confronting the entire industry
presentation to view in an open or public manner; "the exposure of his anger was shocking"
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Being EXPOSED to a STD means that you were in a situation in which you had a chance to "catch" it. You can be EXPOSED to a STD by having sex with an infected person. You can lower your chance of being EXPOSED to a STD by not having sex or by using an effective moisture BARRIER.
Exposure Factor
an external factor that may affect health. Cigarette smoking is a well-studied exposure.
The susceptibility of an investment to changes in value on account of market movements. (see also Types of superannuation funds)
Any geological feature that is visible, whether on surface or underground.
Consumers who have seen (or heard) a media vehicle, whether or not they paid attention to it.
a mistake that gives that person access to information or capabilities that he or she can then use, as a stepping stone, to gain access
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This is the orientation of the rear of the home
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Describes how much of your portfolio is invested in a particular sector.
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a frame of data (science or guide)
Position in an asset held spot or via derivative instruments (see "Position").
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The number of people who could potentially view a particular Web site.
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a state in a computing system (or set of systems