Definitions for "destroyed"
Destroyed is the second album release by punk band Sloppy Seconds. It was released in 1990 on Musical Tragedies/Toxic Shock. The album cover is a parody of the Kiss album Destroyer from 1976.
spoiled or ruined or demolished; "war left many cities destroyed"; "Alzheimer's is responsible for her destroyed mind"
Sometimes, if an animal is considered a serious risk to people, it is put down or killed humanely. In other words, it is destroyed.
The word destroyed is used in the text to describe monuments that have been removed as to leaving no visible surface trace above ground. In the case of souterrains and other underground monuments the term is used when they have been filled in, with roof stones removed.
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Items that are destroyed may be repaired using the Mend spell or appropriate class ability unless otherwise noted under the description of the effect which destroyed the item. A destroyed weapon or shield may be recovered by returning to base and waiting for a 100 count. This simulates retrieving a new one from base. Destroyed items may not be used until they are repaired. Destroyed armor may be repaired by using the Mend spell for each point in each location to be recovered.
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destroyed physically or morally.
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Also See: damaged.
This is rewarded when an ground object is destroyed and awarded to the last pilot to do damage to it.
p. p. of destroy.