Definitions for "armor"
The kind of clothing worn by a man whose tailor is a blacksmith.
Defensive arms for the body; any clothing or covering worn to protect one's person in battle.
Steel or iron covering, whether of ships or forts, protecting them from the fire of artillery.
See: Aventail / Armet / Ailette / Aketon / Bacinet / Byrnie / Burgonet / Bracers / Brigandine / Buckler / Bascinet / Bavier / Besagues / Bevor / Cabacete / Cerevelliere / Close-Helmet / Cuisses / Coif / Couter / Fauld / Gorget / Gambeson / Greaves / Hauberk / Haubergeon / Heater Shield / Habergeon / Haketon / Jack / Jupon / Kettle Hat / Pauldron / Pavise / Plate Armor / Poleyn / Pourpoint / Rerebrace / Scale Armour / Sallet / Sollerets / Spaudler / Sabaton / Surcoat / Tabard / Tassets / Targe / Vambrace
Alpine armor is made of hard wood, consisting of a mask, helmet, shin and arm guards, with a cuirass. Plains folk armor is made from densely woven textiles.
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Surfacing of channel bed, banks, or embankment slope to resist erosion
Artificial surfacing of bed, banks, shore or embankment to resist erosion or scour.
a military unit consisting of armored fighting vehicles
A covering for the body or military equipment for combat. See APHE, API.
Armor is a military science fiction novel by John Steakley. It has some superficial similarities with Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers (such as the military use of exoskeletons and insect-like alien enemies) but concentrates more on the psychological effects of violence on human beings rather than on the political aspects of the military, which were the focus of Heinlein's novel.
Padding, hard-shelled material or other impact-absorbing material fitted to a motorcyclist’s apparel. Performance standards exist in Europe for such materials.
Armor represents, well, armor. If a character is wearing armor, he or she can absorb more damage than normallly possible.
Armor is protective padding you can attach to your clothing, that absorbs energy on impact.
Meaning “on the sea,” this is the original Celtic name for Brittany.
The parts that attach to B-Daman figures to give them added skill advantages such as Power, Accuracy, and Control.
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Armor stops blows that would otherwise wound or kill the target. Armor is rated on a scale from one to seven depending upon its ability to stop damage. Some monsters may have more than seven points of armor. Normal armor may be Mended.
armor is a modular hardening tool which strengthen the security of a UN*X box. It currently supports hp-ux
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See character armor, muscular armor.
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equip with armor