Definitions for "Skill"
The familiar knowledge of any art or science, united with readiness and dexterity in execution or performance, or in the application of the art or science to practical purposes; power to discern and execute; ability to perceive and perform; expertness; aptitude; as, the skill of a mathematician, physician, surgeon, mechanic, etc.
Display of art; exercise of ability; contrivance; address.
To be knowing; to have understanding; to be dexterous in performance.
a bit of practical knowledge possessed by a character
a complex movement that requires practice
a more learned knowledge based talent that can often be applied to appropriate circumstances such as Barter when buying goods
a task that you can do with your hands
The acquisition of material handling skills or intellectual skills that demonstrate a level of proficiency relative to the level of study.
May be perceptual, motor, manual, intellectual, or social. The nature of tasks usually requires a combination of these skills and usually involves the application of cognitive and psychomotor functions, together with appropriate knowledge.
a Buddhist's actions are said to be either skilful or unskilful. Skilful actions produce positive results (happiness) whereas unskilful ones produce negative results (suffering). See also: karma.
Discrimination; judgment; propriety; reason; cause.
The reason you won that game. See Luck.
Consistent and effective action or thinking that achieves the desired outcome and is backed by empowering beliefs.
a process that you have managed to automate to the extent that you don't have to think about it
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Knowledge; understanding.
To know; to understand.
To make a difference; to signify; to matter; -- used impersonally.
a functional requirement from the code that is still recognizable in the code
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A global constant stored in IDL.
a software development, consulting and solutions provider to the motion measurement and motion analysis industry, for any client application
The expertise that a caller requires, or that an agent possesses.
a set of procedures each of which solves some problem in its domain
Statistical Sample (equipment)
A specific move that has a recognised way of performance and technical value.
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Card type. Skills may be played on your turn during the Player phase.
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Any particular art.
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A name and/or description of a skill
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What someone can do
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Alternative term for a move