Definitions for "Training"
The instruction of personnel to individually and collectively increase their capacity to perform specific military functions and tasks.
Instruction given to you to develop skills that will help you in your employment, present or future.
the transfer of defined and measurable knowledge or skills.
an intense three-day, hands-on workshop conducted by nationally certified trainers
Instruction provided in the use of some technique or tool.
Specialized instruction and practice to become proficient in doing something
The process of feeding spambayes some sample spam and ham messages, to teach it what to look for.
an absolute necessity for the benefit of our children, to supplement the lessons we're teaching them about the game and about their personal growth
a valuable stepping-stone for students interested in a health care career
your pet can begin at an early age. Housebreaking should begin when your puppy is 7-8 weeks old. Frequent walks (especially after meals and play) and praising the puppy when it goes is the most effective way to housebreak your dog.
Before you can work in a call centre you need to do training. That is some kind of education and takes between two minutes and two months or longer. Most of the time it is a form of brain-washing where the company and the product get praised so you can regurgitate that nonsense later when talking to customers.
a cake-walk compared to what elite gymnasts go through
Alteration of a plant's morphology through pruning of limbs or limb portions.
Method of controlling plant growth, especially on climbing plants, by tying the stems to a support and pruning the plant back regularly.
Subjecting the body to repeated stresses and recovery periods; designed to crease the body's capacity to handle such stresses. Related Article Toning - the Finishing Touch External Sources American College of Sports Medicine American Sports Medicine Institute National Strength and Conditioning Association American Council on Exercise This article was reviewed June 2006, by John Acquaviva, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance, Roanoke College, Salem, VA. Return to the previous page Ret=document.title; var separator=" "; var titles="/"; Ret = Ret.split(separator); for (var i=0; i Ret.length; i++) { titles= (titles + Ret[i] + "/"); } document.write ("a href=/healthatoz/Atoz/tl/misc/email/email.asp?artitle="+titles+"img src=/healthatoz/Atoz/images/emailthis.gif border=0 //a")
an attempt to prevail over the negative stress by positive stress usage , which is sometimes possible and sometimes is not
a well deserved recognition of the high standards we expect of our volunteer counsellors, and also acknowledges their commitment and service to the community
The process of speaking a series of pre-selected phrases for the engine. This provides the engine with more information about the voice of the speaker and can improve speech recognition. Unicode A 16-bit character set that replaces ASCII and allows any character from any language to be represented in a text string. The Unicode character set contains a subset for International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) phonemes.
Training or entrance training refers to coastal structures built to constrain a river discharging across a littoral coast so that it discharges only where desired. Untrained entrances on sandy coasts tend to move widely and violently to discharge into the Ocean, often upsetting those enjoying land nearby. A trained entrance often consists of rock walls that force the water into a deeper more stable channel.
Referring to training a conveyor belt, the belt should ride on all idlers without skewing, accomplished by proper structural alignment and by adjusting troughing and return idlers.
To operate effectively, echo cancellers need to monitor the echo received from a remote site within the local conference room and generate a correction signal to cancel the echo. This alignment procedure is termed `training'. This process considers not only echo from the remote site but also the acoustic characteristics of the local conference room. If the local room has poor acoustics, e.g. a high ambient noise level or very long term echo, then the echo canceller may not be able to achieve a satisfactory alignment. The local site will then introduce annoying echo into any conference in which it participates.
When using a conventional analog modem, you generally hear noise as the connection is established. DSL modems, similar to your analog modem, will negotiate (without the noise) with the phone company equipment to establish a set of rules, by which both will communicate. This is called training. Factors such as speed and rates are established during training. Training needs to happen anytime you lose connection with the telephone company's equipment, such as when you power your PC off and back on again. Training is a separate process from logging into your ISP; however, they are often viewed as the same, since they happen consecutively. You might be able to train, without being able to log into your ISP. You will never be able to log into your ISP without first being trained.
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Fully certified with a broad range of network manufacturers, MC Info offers on-site training for groups of 1 to one hundred. Training area's include SNMP, ATM, HP Openview, Network Associates, Sniffer, routing, switching and security.
the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior); "a woman of breeding and refinement"
Discipline used by the dominant to control the submissive's behavior.
Discipline used by the dom to control the sub's behavior, condition and/or attitude. Pony training, anal training, position training, voice command response, etc. can be used for training.
Training entails leading a train to another character or bot in the hope that the train will attack them rather than you.
a leading learndirect provider
The act of one who trains; the act or process of exercising, disciplining, etc.; education.
education of milk producer group members information/advice 57
a combination of academic study, professional education and work experience
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a pre-requisite for obtaining computer access and an OHSU ID badge, and must be finished before a new computer account is activated or an OHSU ID badge is obtained
the activity of providing training to developers on how to develop applications and customers on how to operate applications.
a longer, technically oriented program intended to develop a professional level of expertise in a particular area
Training in basics, advanced, programming, developing, coaching (for history see: eNews) TIPS & TRICKS
a successful dog Book played a variety
In meteorology, training is when a successive series of showers or thunderstorms moves repeatedly over the same area, usually causing some form of flooding, especially flash floods. Often, this happens when a line of rain or storms forms along a stationary front, and moves down the length of the front, while the front is stalled. It is named so because this is similar to the way train cars move down a track in a line, over and over the same point, without the track moving.
a complete program from concept to grand opening
a one-of-a-kind program that will show you the range of options when approaching the valuation process, including how and when the various combinations of method-ologies should be applied
a very difficult program
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shaping a vine into a specific shape, usually to effect some form of canopy management
The direction or form given to a young vine as it grows, usually by attaching it to a mechanical support.
a combined training competition level that requires competitors to jump 3'3" or, a dressage competition level that requires basic dressage movements.
The process or routine of being trained.
Training is the process by which the neural network connection weights are adjusted so that the network performs the function for which it is designed.
data: The known or observed data use to 'train' the prediction process during the regression procedures.
The EU supports joint training programmes of Member State police, customs and judicial officials, notably via the newly established European Police College. (See Judicial-criminal: European judicial training network, Police: European police college)
Training is an important part of a system since it is unlikely that the delivered system has been operated, maintained or supported by the user before. URD. See User Requirements Document.
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an asset - the person should live in the western GTA and have a car
regular physical exercise aimed at specific improvements.
The programme of exercise that you undertake to improve your ability to take part in physical activity.
Informing the computer system which sites to analyse for spectral properties or signatures of specific land cover classes; also called signature extraction.
Guides/handbooks/standards available and up to date
Conflict management training can also serve as an intervention strategy. By helping people involved in conflicts better understand what is going on and what options they have for dealing with their problems in constructive ways, it is possible to provide lasting assistance which will have impact far beyond any outside conflict resolution intervention.
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a plus, but not necessary
Deciding which methods to use, plus who to train, when, and where.
Those attributes of a system that provide transition from current operation or provide initial familiarization.
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military training óôñáôéùôéêÞ åêðáßäåõóç || training center
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a waste of time
Another term for estimating a model's parameters based on the data set at hand.
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a complete, Total Fitness package
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a different matter
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a very important issue
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(see Research training).