Definitions for "Intervention"
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The action of a team facilitator when interrupting a discussion to state observations about group dynamics or the team process.
Bringing to bear all available means to break through the user's denial and to help her to begin recovery. Intervention is sometimes used as a last resort to "kick start" the process. Examples include the willingness of bosses to terminate employment if treatment is not begun immediately; family members willing to back up their decision to cease further contact with a non-recovering alcoholic or drug addict and friends who refuse to continue the relationship until recovery has begun. The Intervention is facilitated by an expert who has taken care to carefully assess the situation. It must be determined that enough leverage exists to accomplish the goal of initial recovery. Otherwise, this powerful tool may be rendered useless; the situation may worsen and life-threatening consequences may result. Narcotics Anonymous (NA): A Twelve Step recovery program focused on recovery from drug addiction other than to alcohol or tobacco
A strategy in which a small number of individuals (often family members, a primary health provider, and an addiction expert) talk with the alcohol abuser about their concerns as a way to persuade the person to enter treatment. Sometimes called a pretreatment intervention.
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The act by which a third person, to protect his own interest, interposes and becomes a party to a suit pending between other parties.
a proceeding permitting a person to enter into a lawsuit already in progress
A proceeding in a lawsuit in which a third person is permitted by the court to make him or herself a party.
includes both physical procedures by which data are gathered (for example, venipuncture) and manipulation of the subject or the subject's environment that are performed for research purposes.
Physical procedures by which data are gathered through manipulations of the subject or environment that are performed for research purposes.
an idealized experimental manipulation performed on some variable X to determine whether changes in X are causally related to changes in some other variable Y
Treatment or assistance given to improve a deficit or a lag in mental or physical functioning.
A positive or empowering behavior which stops, prevents or controls a problem behavior. ("Ed used the intervention of calling his sponsor when he felt like drinking.")
A drug or other treatment being tested.
7int[5venFEn / n. the act of being involved in something such as an argument or activity to influence what happens
Open market purchases or sales of the national currency by the central bank with a view to influencing the exchange rate.
Action by a central bank to effect the value of its currency by entering the market. Concerted intervention refers to action by a number of central banks to control exchange rates.
a method or strategy designed to change an individual's behavioral, medical, or health status
a medical procedure performed to alleviate a medical condition.
An intervention is an action or involvement that is intentionally designed to promote change. In the human services, intervention strategies or plans are designed to create desirable results or outcomes. See also Intervention Strategy, Outcome
the neutral term to describe governmental action in the economy.
an action by humans to prevent, attenuate, create, or enhance change. Return to Top of List
a caring, deliberate, and well-conceived event, through which people who care express their concern
Any interference that may affect the interests of others; especially, of one or more states with the affairs of another; -- the intervention of one state in the affairs of another is typically unwelcome by the state being intervened in, but some cases of mediation between states may be called intervention. Opposed to nonintervention.
the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute)
a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries
speech, talk, what was said at this/that stage, in this/that respect, here, there, now, then, this, that.
a planned interaction or interface to transform reliance on a destructive substance or conduct
A way to get a person with self-destructive habits to accept help by talking to them about your concerns.
the interaction of teaching and non teaching staff with a child's learning process in order to enhance achievement. It may be planned or unplanned.
This phrase is used to describe a process of assisting a child, with developmental delays, and his/her family. Intervention may include therapy, training, and or technical assistance to increase the child's developmental functions.(children, toward them, deficient/needs, for them, intervention)(children/child, toward him/her, special needs, for him/her, treatment)
a specific action directed toward an identified concern that goes beyond a typical classroom procedure
Intervention is the eighteenth episode in the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Under the EC price support mechanism for agricultural produce was set up in 1972. Its functions included licensing trade in a range of agricultural products outside the EC, intervention buying and the operation of other market support arrangements. Intervention buying or support buying was designed to ensure that farm incomes were not unduly suppressed by over production within the EC. When the free market price of specified commodities falls someway below the target price, the board intervenes in the market, by purchasing and storing the produce. The commodity is then subsequently resold within or outside the EC, disposed of as food aid or destroyed.
Preventive, remedial, compensatory, or survival services made on behalf of a disabled individual.
See Secondary prevention.
The provision of assistance to children who are at risk or have special needs that may affect their development. Intervention can be remedial or preventive.
The supernatural intercession by a holy figure on behalf of an individual or group. The intercession often follows a plea for protection or assistance.
a controlled or choreographed crisis
An activity, process, event or system that is designed to correct a problem or change a situation and improve performance.
an activity, process, event or system that is designed to improve performance by fixing the root cause of the gap between desired and actual performance
Any planned activity within a project that is intended to produce changes in the target population and/or the environment and that can be formally evaluated.
a process where forecasters force acceptance of a report rejected in the model initialisation routine ('supporting'), or use 'bogus' observations to input a conceptual model observed in imagery.
An all inclusive term that refers to everything a therapist says and does, as well as the conditions he or she sets for a given therapy. There are two basic classes of interventions: Verbal comments and managements of the ground rules. Comments range from questions to interpretations, but only trigger decoded interpretations obtain encoded/unconscious validation and they therefore are seen as the healing class of comments made by therapists. Frame management activities that secure the ideal grounds rules obtain encoded/unconscious validation and also are healing, while departures from the ideal frame lead to non-validating responses and are harmful to patients.
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a sneak attack, a very personal Pearl Harbor
an activity in which a young person participates in order to significantly advance toward an employment goal. The young person usually receives income support (allowance or wage) while participating in an intervention.
A generic term used to cover all public actions. See also policy, programme, project.
a programme or series of programmes.
a specific prevention measure or activity designed to meet a programme objective.
The term refers to funds that schools get for students who are not learning at grade level. They can be used to fund before-school or afterschool programs or to pay for materials and instructors.
Intervention is an American television reality show appearing on A&E on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. EST.
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a double, overcall or cue-bid after an opposing opening bid.
The act of intervening; interposition.
A planned change; for example, a new therapy or a new medication; or the act of making this change.
a step in which a client provides the social worker with information and shares whatever progress has been made in attempting to resolve the problem.
In healthcare, any attempt (particularly one that is professional), or mode of attempting, to modify a medical situation.
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an excellent tool to use to help the drug abuser to see the error of his or her ways
a proven way to get the suffering individual into the recovery process
a structured, caring process of bringing help to an office
A campaign or operation with limited objectives, involving the entry of another state where opposition is expected.
a forced entry
An instructional adjustment implemented when a student is not progressing at the expected rate.
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a site specific artwork in public space
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See exchange market intervention.
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a long process