Definitions for "Analysis"
A resolution of anything, whether an object of the senses or of the intellect, into its constituent or original elements; an examination of the component parts of a subject, each separately, as the words which compose a sentence, the tones of a tune, or the simple propositions which enter into an argument. It is opposed to synthesis.
The separation of a compound substance, by chemical processes, into its constituents, with a view to ascertain either (a) what elements it contains, or (b) how much of each element is present. The former is called qualitative, and the latter quantitative analysis.
The resolving of problems by reducing the conditions that are in them to equations.
an added research tool genealogists can use
a negative and cannot be proven
a new and rapidly growing field of research that is yielding very exciting results
a colorimetric determination of the DMA in deproteinized fish extracts
a non-invasive, inexpensive procedure that clinicians use to enhance their knowledge about the biochemistry of the body
a simple and inexpensive colorimetric test that can be performed on body fluids
The process of ascertaining the name of a species, or its place in a system of classification, by means of an analytical table or key.
Detailed look at something.
Studying the relationships among facts in a data warehouse to determine patterns.
investigating something to find out about it Anode This is the positive electrode in a circuit. It is commonly linked with diodes and thyristors. It is the opposite of cathode.
A response that is grounded in evidence and deals with reasons, rationales, and interpretations of data and information.
an increasingly important tool and provides key evidence in many criminal investigations
The tracing of things to their source, and the resolving of knowledge into its original principles.
A brief, methodical illustration of the principles of a science. In this sense it is nearly synonymous with synopsis.
The scientific method which passes from the concrete to the abstract, from the complex to the simple, from the particular to the universal, from the application of a principle to the principle itself, from the phenomena to the underlying general law, from the effects to the cause. Synonym: A posteriori method.
drawing conclusions about raw information by assessing its significance and by collating it with other information.
a reasoned logical debate leading to a conclusion
Studying the data on traffic to the website, visitor behavior and visitor responses to draw meaningful conclusions from these data. This analysis should help you in getting more business to your website.
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an expensive and high tech effort to try to determine how many grizzly bears inhabit the Northern Continental Divide ecosystem in NW Montana
The chemical determination of the composition of a substance.
chemical analysis. Determination of the composition of a sample.
Honey is chemically compatible with a wide variety of products. Its pH and isoelectric point are in a range common to many food systems. Color The colors of honey form a continuous range from water white to dark amber. The color of honey is related to its mineral content and is characteristic of its floral source. Light colored honey typically has a mild flavor, while dark colored honey is usually stronger in flavor. The Pfund color grader is a device used by the honey industry to measure the color of honey. The respective color designations, applicable range of each color, color range on the Pfund scale and optical density of freshly prepared caramel-glycerin solutions (USDA method) are presented on the following table.
a branch of mathematics involving calculus and the theory of limits; sequences and series and integration and differentiation
a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders; based on the theories of Sigmund Freud; "his physician recommended psychoanalysis"
the phase in natural language processing systems (including MT systems) in which a structure or representation is assigned to source language (input) sentences or the representation itself or the name for the module of linguistic rules involved.
division of a representation into two opposing representations, with a view towards clarifying the original representation. Philosophy as metaphysics employs analysis more than synthesis. (Cf. synthesis.)
Analysis is a major international journal of philosophy. It is published by Blackwell Publishing and has run from 1933 to present.
a form of literary criticism in which the structure of a piece of writing is analyzed
In marketing and other social science disciplines, a variety of statistical and nonstatiscal methods are used to analyze data, instead of sheer intuition, or simple descriptive statistics-- which have been the norm in the library filed. (Wood and Koontz)
Useless procedure in which an angled light is passed through a grid to the surface of the patient's body to produce a pattern of shadows that is viewed on a screen and/or photographed. The resultant picture resembles a topographic map. Also called moire contourographic analysis.
a basic method that brings to the fore information
a method by which a person can be identified thanks to their unique profile
The method used by the Visual Administrator to monitor Volume Manager disk, subdisk, and volume activity.
discovery and selection of key ideas; systematic inquiry into a proposition to locate the main issues.
Risk analysis is the systematic use of information to establish valid scenarios for how a hazard could lead to harm and determine the probability of the associated adverse events and the magnitude of their consequences.
This term is usually used of the work of psychoanalysts, those who have taken a specifically psychoanalytic training and employ that training as their dominant mode when working with clients.
Human subjects term indicating NIH requirements for human subjects analysis plans. Plans depend on the research proposed and may include monitoring to detect and address adverse effects and intervention differences among groups and subgroups, for example, women, minorities, ethnic or racial groups and subgroups, and children. Requirements also differ depending on risk and complexity and the probability of finding intervention differences. New and renewal applications and contract proposals must include the results of group and subgroup analyses. Also see valid analysis.
Figuring out, either during or after a game, the best series of moves for a given position.
Analysis is the feed back you need to keep your momentum going. At Drum Master uition© you receive that information through either, video, computer, audio tape or a combination of these. Seeing or hearing yourself play is the best way for you to judge for yourself how you are doing and then taking on board the advice given to keep you on the right track.
a form of escape, laziness and inefficiency
A syllabus, or table of the principal heads of a discourse, disposed in their natural order.
The detailed inspection of the elements and / or structure of a substance or sample.
a group of illustrations depicting details of the habit, furnishing aids to identification of the taxon
the use of closed-class words instead of inflections: e.g., `the father of the bride' instead of `the bride's father'
Analysis is a half-hour BBC Radio 4 documentary programme, which has been running for over 30 years.
a feature structure, representing its syntactic/semantic structure according to the grammar and the set of feature structures in the reading
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irrefutable proof that you could have won a game you lost.
A document prepared by the staff of each committee of reference which: Summarizes the bill, Explains how current law is affected by the bill, Spells out the likely impact of the bill, Raises any constitutional issues presented by the bill, Summarizes committee amendments, if any, brought forward with the bill. An analysis is prepared before a meeting for the use of committee members. Following the meeting the analysis is updated to include changes recommended by the committee. The post-meeting analysis prepared by staff of the last committee reporting the bill is made available to members during floor sessions. Also known as a “bill analysis” or “staff analysis
A detailed description, generally in non-legal language, of a bill or joint resolution considered by the Legislature. Prepared by the House Legislative Analysis Section and the Senate Fiscal Agency Legislative Analysis Unit, analyses often contain background information on a bill or joint resolution and its fiscal implications, where appropriate.
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An analysis is typically used to compare the oxide content of materials. An analysis is expressed in percent and each number represents the amount by weight of the oxide. An analysis will often show LOI as one of the items, this represents the volatile portion of the material that is lost during firing. An analysis can be converted to a formula by dividing each oxide amount by the molecular weight of that oxide.
a relative modern science
operation to which almost all modern wine subjected which measures its vital statistics - alcoholic strength, total acidity, residual sugar - and usually much more besides.
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(See Assay)
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a new service on offer at Runcorn
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a particular aspect of the workload
The initial conditions of a forecast model that 'best-fits' (via a sequence of time evolution and observation operators) a set of observations and a background state (also known as optimum analysis). Usually the analysis is initialized before the forecast is run (see the initialization entry).
a second means used to assign hypothetical lines of common descent
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SEE decomposition*.
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a useful test for prenatal diagnosis
The act of evaluating the data retrieved from the data warehouse.
The evaluation of collected information, including review from various aspects or points of view.
connectives evaluation legal result tradition
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a laboratory procedure that requires a number of steps
Figure out what to do by assessing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Most people then begin building from the present into the future. We favor looking at the step right before the ultimate one and backing toward the present one step at a time.
Analysis is the process of taking the " customer" requirements and re-casting them in the language of, and from the perspective of, a putative solution.
an expensive process
The software engineering process that generates the requirements.
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(see spatial analysis)
a good resource for African Americans to identify and become involved with specific countries and cultures in Africa
Relates and compares data from different sources, identifying issues, securing relevant information and identifying relationships
an appropriate means of correcting for the higher-density-under-surveying effect to yield comparable estimates of absolute (or even relative) abundance
a primary technique for genetic typing of small or highly degraded samples
an even-handed look at a situation, phenomenon, issue, decision, or event, presenting at least two views of the subject
a valuable resource when reference standards or close relatives are not available for comparison
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to ask questions using who, what, why, when, which, how.
chemical and/or numerical assessment
a series of observations, measurements and a collection of facts that are chemical or physical in nature
an increasingly important source of medically useful information
a definition that provides informative, necessarily true, necessary and sufficient conditions for the application of the term defined
a flexible process that can be adapted to meet the particular needs of the industry and/or the organization
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a kind of definition
a balancing act and that is why it can be difficult for many engineers to apply it successfully
Calculation of possible moves and variations for a position.
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a good example
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See data analysis.
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See: TV Analysis
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