Definitions for "Variations"
Modifications of a given musical theme. Variation form is a structural organization in which a theme is presented and then followed by the modified versions of the original theme. An abbreviation for an entry in the works catalog of Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach by Wotquenne; H. numbers, based on Helm's newer catalog, have superceded the W. numbers (which are now given in parentheses following the H. numbers).
Composition form in which variously modified re-statements of an initially introduced theme are presented in sequence, one after another.
a series of modifications of a musical idea
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Optional rules agreed on before beginning a game, e.g., Plunge, Sevens, Splash, etc. (Some say "indicating" and the Nel-O option in a forced bid are variations to basic 42.)
a variation occurs when the manufacturer makes a major or minor change to the model. The collection of variations is an important aspect of the hobby
see Production Changes