Definitions for "Chorus"
Keywords:  singer, sing, drama, sung, song
A band of singers and dancers.
A company of persons supposed to behold what passed in the acts of a tragedy, and to sing the sentiments which the events suggested in couplets or verses between the acts; also, that which was thus sung by the chorus.
A company of singers singing in concert.
A voice doubling effect created by layering two identical sounds with a slight delay (20-50 mS) and slightly modulating the frequency of one or both of the sounds .
A modulation effect. Gives the impression of light vibrato or phasing, a kind of wobbly feel. Sounds nice
A doubling effect used to enhance sound.
Keywords:  utter, catcalls, boos, unison, shouts
The simultaneous of a company in any noisy demonstration; as, a Chorus of shouts and catcalls.
any utterance produced simultaneously by a group; "a chorus of boos"
utter in unison; "`yes,' the children chorused"
One time through the chord progression for a composition
A single play-through of the structure (i.e., the entire chord progression) being used to organize the music in a composition; one time through the chords of a tune.
One complete cycle of a tune, one time through from top to bottom.
Keywords:  serenade, immortals, joined, two
Two or more immortals joined in serenade.
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Chroma Chroma Keying
Keywords:  dumb, interpreter, play
An interpreter in a dumb show or play.
an especially good organization for this kind of art life, because the enterprise itself requires that people get together in person and because a fairly wide range of voice excellence can be accomodated
frequency response parallel processing slider mapping