Definitions for "Composition"
The act or art of composing, or forming a whole or integral, by placing together and uniting different things, parts, or ingredients.
The invention or combination of the parts of any literary work or discourse, or of a work of art; as, the composition of a poem or a piece of music.
The art or practice of so combining the different parts of a work of art as to produce a harmonious whole; also, a work of art considered as such. See 4, below.
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This is the mixture that results from all the base materials -- natural and synthetic -- that go into a fragrance. Perfumers use this word to name the product obtained after a creative session.
A material used for dolls ' heads and bodies, consisting of such items as wood pulp, glue, sawdust, flour, rags and sundry other substances.
Composition dolls, such as the ever beloved Shirley Temple dolls, are made up of a mixture of several compounds that create the modeling base. With a base that is most often made of sawdust, it is then often mixed with paper, glue plaster and plaster of Paris. This can all vary according to whomever is making the material.
Kinds and proportions of ingredients for or in a mix.
the demographic profile of a magazine.
The demographic makeup of an audience.
the prepress assembly of the components of a printed piece. Composition may include typesetting, paste-up, production of negatives, image assembly, or plate making. Consecutive Numbering: on forms, numbers printed in a series to allow for control by the form user. The numbers are usually printed by a numbering machine or machines mounted on a press or collator. The sample purchase order supplied with this Home Study Course has a consecutive number produced on the press.
the assembling of characters, words, lines and boxes for reproduction in printing.
The assembling of characters into words, lines, and paragraphs of text or body matter type for reproduction.
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A short essay written as an academic exercise
an essay (especially one written as an assignment); "he got an A on his composition"
Also called written expression; the written language in which writers produce connected text.
The adjustment of a debt, or avoidance of an obligation, by some form of compensation agreed on between the parties; also, the sum or amount of compensation agreed upon in the adjustment.
is one of the options that a debtor offered to their creditors under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act to resolve their financial difficulties pre 1/12/04.
a contract between a debtor and two or more creditors in which the creditors agree to take a partial payment in full satisfaction of their claims
Visual make-up of a video picture, including such variables as balance, framing, field of view and texture -- all aesthetic considerations. Combined qualities form an image that's pleasing to view.
the content and organization of the image that is being captured for the photograph. In this context, the composition of the photograph must show a clear, front view and full face of the subject against a plain and neutral light color background.
Visual make-up of a scene, including such variables as balance, framing, field of view and texture, which are all aesthetic considerations. Good composition techniques create an image that's pleasing to view.
the creation of a musical work containing original musical ideas
A copyrighted music track or song
A musical idea, generally including melody, rhythm, and harmonic structure, created by a composer.
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The proportions of various plant species in relation to the total on a given area. It may be expressed in terms of cover, density, weight, etc.
The various species which form a forest crop and their proportion in it . ( BCFT).
refers to the relative proportion of space or biomass occupied by each species in a given area.
a list of strictly positive integers
In mathematics, a composition of a positive integer n is a way of writing n as a sum of positive integers. Two sums which differ in the order of their summands are considered to be different compositions, while they would be considered to be the same partition.
The standard term used by OMF Interchange to refer to an edited sequence made up of a number of clips. The OMF equivalent of a sequence in an Avid system. compression. 1. In audio, the process of reducing the dynamic range of the audio signal. 2. In video, a lack of detail in either the black or the white areas of the video picture due to improper separation of the signal level. 3. A reduction of audio signal details, video signal detail, or both to reduce storage requirements during transformation from analog to Avid digital format. In JPEG compression, for example, algorithms for variable frame length analyze the information in each frame and perform reductions that maximize the information retained. Compression does not remove any frames from the original material.
The transformation from one coordinate system to another, then from the second to a third, can be represented by a single transformation that is the composition of the two component transformations. Transformations are closed under composition. Composition is not commutative. Any arbitrary transformation can be built up by composing a number of simpler transformations, but that composition is not unique.
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A putty-like material that can be moulded, applied to mirrors and fire surrounds and gilded or painted.
A wood fiber product that is painted and crazes easily
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The act of writing for practice in a language, as English, Latin, German, etc.
a reflection of the person who is doing the writing
Gathering your poise before getting a critique of your writing
Consistency; accord; congruity.
May appear on the Full Description tab. Refers to the method used for composing a print publication, such as cold type, computerized, or linotype.
The composition of the taxonomic grouping such as fish, algae, or macroinvertebrates relating primarily to the kinds and number of organisms in the group.
The state of being put together or composed; conjunction; combination; adjustment.
A photographic procedure, which have patterns on two separate substrates and are aligned or registered then transferred to a third substrate. This may be accomplished in conjunction with contact printing or cameras operations. The composition usually involves intermediate photo tools.
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Usually refers to the carcass composition of fat, lean, and bone.
Mutual agreement to terms or conditions for the settlement of a difference or controversy; also, the terms or conditions of settlement; agreement.
an agreement or settlement of a dispute.
Out-of-court agreement to pay a percentage of a debt in full settlement.
Deciding how things should be placed to make up a shot; usually constructed with a series of rawings in a storyboard.
a payment made by an heir succeeding to land, to the superior of the land
The overall appearance of a newspaper page.
The overall design of a finished piece containing the proper balance of color and linear flow.
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chemical or physical make up of mortars, concretes, or masonry units
The way in which the parts of an artwork are put together or organized using the principles of design.
the way in which someone or something is composed
is the way the movements in a routine are put together.
What an object is made of More about composition...
An association between two objects such that 'object B is a part of object A', but object B can only exist in object A.
Creating objects with other objects as members. Composition should be used when a "has-a" relationship applies.
a glyph that uses a compositor to determine suitable breaks between groups of its components
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Synthesis as opposed to analysis.
The types of ions that make up the solar wind
The breakdown of a portfolio or mutual fund by asset class or investment type.
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see Appendix K
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A mass or body formed by combining two or more substances; as, a chemical composition.
The operation of combining two functions by applying them one after the other. That is, the composition of () and (), denoted by , is defined by the equation .
answers the question: What percentage of my listeners...
a description of all the information required to play or re-edit a media presentation
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The numbers and kinds of plants and animals in an area.