Definitions for "Glyph"
A carved figure or character, incised or in relief; a carved pictograph; hence, a pictograph representing a form originally adopted for sculpture, whether carved or painted.
In character-encoding, the shape or form of a printed or displayed character, as opposed to a pairing of form and interpretation.
noun A symbol, such as a stylized figure or arrow on a public sign, that imparts information nonverbally.
Glyph is an album released by Floater in May 1995. Produced by the Grammy-nominated Drew Canulette (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Neil Young). Glyph received a preliminary Grammy nomination in the category of Best Alternative Performance.
Inscription which negates panacea when placed on a ranged weapon; from Abzulim lore.
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A generic term used to refer to any graphic or pictorial image that can be used on a button or in a message box. Compare icon.
a visual icon consisting of one or more visual features whose characteristics are controlled by
A carved or visualized figure, such as a rune, which conveys information and/or is charged for a specific purpose.
A sunken channel or groove, usually vertical. See Triglyph.
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A type of skill that enhances the next spell you cast. Glyphs affect only spells.
a permanent, active spell
a small magical item, resembling a worry stone, that can be "broken" (its magic released, turning it into a normal rock) to produce a spell effect
a way to collect, display, and interpret data; similar to ancient heiroglyphics, in that they both use pictures to represent data.
a picture created by following a series of directions
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a list of contours
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a different way to graph data and compare information
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A generic plug-in module interface.
a generic interface for drawing single element