Definitions for "Data"
See Datum.
a collection of facts, observations, or other information related to a particular question or problem; as, the historical data show that the budget deficit is only a small factor in determining interest rates.
information, most commonly in the form of a series of binary digits, stored on a physical storage medium for manipulation by a computer program. It is contrasted with the program which is a series of instructions used by the central processing unit of a computer to manipulate the data. In some conputers data and execuatble programs are stored in separate locations.
A character from the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data is an android who initially has no emotions as such and seeks to be more human. In the film "Generations", Data is implanted with an emotions chip. For the rest of the film he has difficulty handling his emotions and tends to be excessive in displaying these.
The proper name of the android character in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series and movies.
DataIn the episode "The Measure of a Man", Data's full name—the sole word—is elaborated upon in an on-screen graphic with the initialisms NFN and NMI: No First Name, No Middle Initial. is a character in the Star Trek fictional universe. Designed by Doctor Noonien Soong, Lieutenant CommanderIn the past timeline scenes in "All Good Things...", Data wears the insignia of a lieutenant junior grade, although Picard addresses him as "Commander." Data is an android who serves as the second officer and chief operations officer aboard the starships USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E.
a budding InfoMerchant offering reports and electronic books in the field of electronic marketing
DATA was an electronic music band created in the late 1970's by Georg Kajanus, creator of such bands as Eclection, Sailor and Noir (with Tim Dry of the robotic/music duo Tik and Tok).
Dr. Gene Feldman Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 610.2 Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-9428 email: [email protected]
a USCIS job code
A fixed argument like RDF literals. It may be optionally associated with an XML Schema built-in datatype using the xsi:type attribute. For example: Data xsi:type="xs:dateTime"2002-10-10T17:00:00Z/Data is valid (according to the dateTime datatype), but the following is not: Data xsi:type="xs:dateTime"tomorrow/Data Note, however, that Datatomorrow/Data is valid because no built-in datatype is given. (See: term module)
The contents of an element, generally used when the element does not contain any subelements. When it does, the more general term content is generally used. When the only text in an XML structure is contained in simple elements, and elements that have subelements have little or no data mixed in, then that structure is often thought of as XML "data", as opposed to an XML document.
DMV info on a driver or a vehicle.
an excellent way of identifying problem areas in hardware and drivers, but for numerous reasons cannot give an accurate, relativistic reading on driver stability
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Water. FF: RoeBoot
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an inexact science, however
encryption standard (DES) A cryptographic algorithm, now adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, used to encipher and decipher data using a cryptographic key.
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a double, read sizeof(double)
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Design skills Dissatisfiers
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a requirement for a centre to be a member of the EBMT
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a joint effort between SSA and IRS
an encoded form of HTML, smaller in size than the original content, and is considered to have the compression type cmlCompressionTypeNone
Nutrients Snow Pack Stream Flow Toxic Releases Water Quality Weather
Refers to snow water equivalent or precipitation amounts.
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a little out of date- competition has become more fierce every year
a greater risk to communities than terrorism
a clear warning to our state officials to proceed with extreme caution in fashioning the next budget
a rolling annual inventory of the forest soil resource nationwide
a valuable resource that we believe should remain accessible within the law
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A set of meaningful symbols.
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Stuff. The bits and pieces, ones and zeros. Data can be a document, a picture, sound file, you name it, it's all data.
Numbers quantifying something. For example, "It hit 85 degrees outside today."
deliberately desire direct distinction
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space The part of a document that contains arbitrary data, supplied by the user or front-ends. The other space in documents is the link space.
a critical component of web design, and most of our customers have never heard of it
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drawings for Army training aids
rate: The measurement for bandwidth in bits per second. In general, the higher the data rate, the higher the quality of video. [Source: Global Crossing
A measurement of the physical environment at a specified time and place.
Measurements of variables of interest.
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Debt Aid Trade for Africa
The actual media data contained by a Buffer object.
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a significant step forward
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The data associated with a node.
Data is numbers, words or pictures without context or meaning.
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Will you lose control over the hosted data? Can you back up your data locally? Is it secure
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(see Research Data)
Compression - Reducing the amount of data used to describe a signal.
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How many data searches were performed in a given period.
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What is known about an object, e.g. the amount of money in a bank a/c, the address, the interest rate.