Definitions for "Datum"
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The quantities or relations which are assumed to be given in any problem.
a point, line, or level surface used as a reference in measuring elevations.
The horizontal plane to which soundings, ground elevations, or water surface elevations are referenced. Some examples of a datum are: Mean high water Mean higher high water Mean low water Mean lower low water Mean sea level Mean tide level National Geodetic Vertical Datum
Something given or admitted; a fact or principle granted; that upon which an inference or an argument is based; -- used chiefly in the plural.
a single piece of information; a fact; especially a piece of information obtained by observation or experiment; -- used mostly in the plural.
a statement accepted at a given value (face value); Latin datum is neuter past participle of dare (to give), hence 'something given'. (a "given"). NOTE : term data, the plural of datum, is used more often in English.
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a bit hasty ,said Laura
a facsimile of states of being, states of not being, actions or inactions, conclusions, or suppositions in the physical or any other universe
a symbol of matter, energy, space or time, or any combination thereof, in any universe, or the matter, energy, space or time itself, or any combination thereof, in any universe
a large ,light dining-room with Vcomdatarecoverysoftware Started to follow her ,started in the December sunshine
A specific spot assigned as the basis for measurement when doing an archaeological excavation.
Imaginary line from which all measurement of arms are taken.
an item of factual information derived from measurement or research
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Datum is an Austrian monthly magazine.
Time horizon used as a qualifier in a phylogenetic definition
Datum: The last known contact position, either surfaced or submerged, of a "target".
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Singular of data.
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a given principle
the average (or trimmed average, with one or more scores removed from each end) of scores achieved on a deal, used as an artificial standard for scoring purposes
a piece of software to display the current date and time (not in numbers, but in readable texts)
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a mark that will NEVER move
an element of information that is transferred from a component, or received by a component, via a connector
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a raw piece of information that's capable of being moved and stored
An application-specific data structure associated with a Clause that is the thing that the Clause describes.
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a statement T
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a single unit of a set of data