Definitions for "Set"
Three of a kind, using two cards from the player's hand and one from the community cards.
Secure Electronic Transactions, a new and still developing standard for secure digital cash transfers
Secure Electronic Transactions. A method developed by Visa and Mastercard proposed for enabling credit-card based electronic commerce based on digital certificates.
Any collection or group of objects considered together.
an unstructured collection
A group of repetitions separated by a rest period.
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A number of things of the same kind, ordinarily used or classed together; a collection of articles which naturally complement each other, and usually go together; an assortment; a suit; as, a set of chairs, of china, of surgical or mathematical instruments, of books, etc.
Trips or Quads. In Holdem, a pair in your hand with one (or two) on the board.
A pair in the pocket and one on the board.
The scenery for a scene or entire production.
A constructed environment in which to shoot a scene: often consists of flat backdrops or façades, but can be a three-dimensional construction.
The scenery for a particular show or individual scene.
To congeal; to concrete; to solidify; -- of cements, glues, gels, concrete, substances polymerizing into plastics, etc.
A term describing stiffening of concrete when plasticity is partially lost, usually measured in terms of resistance to deformation.
Applies to adhesives that develop their final form by means other than polymerization. Adhesives can set by evaporation of a solvent or water, or by hardening upon cooling to room temperature.
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To point out the seat or position of, as birds, or other game; -- said of hunting dogs.
To indicate the position of game; -- said of a dog; as, the dog sets well; also, to hunt game by the aid of a setter.
A series of as many games as may be necessary to enable one side to win six. If at the end of the tenth game the score is a tie, the set is usually called a deuce set, and decided by an application of the rules for playing off deuce in a game. See Deuce.
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To put in order in a particular manner; to prepare; as, to set (that is, to hone) a razor; to set a saw.
A kind of punch used for bending, indenting, or giving shape to, metal; as, a saw set.
The deflection of a tooth, or of the teeth, of a saw, which causes the the saw to cut a kerf, or make an opening, wider than the blade.
To fix firmly; to make fast, permanent, or stable; to render motionless; to give an unchanging place, form, or condition to.
To fix beforehand; to determine; hence, to make unyielding or obstinate; to render stiff, unpliant, or rigid; as, to set one's countenance.
To fix in the ground, as a post or a tree; to plant; as, to set pear trees in an orchard.
A short steel spike used for driving the head of a nail below the surface. Called also nail set.
A high pass by one player to a teammate or to self to enable a spike on the next move.
insert (a nail or screw below the surface, as into a countersink)
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To incubate.
Placed in an incubator to produce a chick.
To put eggs under a broody hen or in an incubator to hatch them.
In dancing, the number of persons necessary to execute a quadrille; also, the series of figures or movements executed.
A group of dancers. When country dances were performed, if there were too many couples to fit in the two long straight parallel lines which the dance demanded, the dancers would be divided up into several sets. The term could also mean the figures in a quadrille.
the group of dancers performing a dance. In Cotswold, generally six dancers. In Border, the numbers are more variable with four, six, eight or multiples of four being common. The Hounds have done dances in sets of five and seven as well
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become gelatinous; "the liquid jelled after we added the enzyme"
Term used to describe the consistency of gelatin when it has jelled enough to unmold.
Let food become solid. (See also "Jell.")
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The balance of a boat.
The affect of winds and current on a boat's progress, often in conflict with the boat's intended course.
(set of a boat) The definition that I think comes closest to what rowers mean by the set of a boat is `form or carriage of the body or of its parts'. In this case the `body' consists of the shell and the rowers. Items that can affect the set of the boat are the rower's posture, hand levels, rigging (the favorite culprit ... especially with the more advanced rowers), timing at the catch and release, and outside conditions such as the wind. It is not unusual for rowers within a shell not to agree on what needs to be done to establish a `good' set, i.e. a level, stable shell that will provide the basis for that symphony of motion.
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An evil beast-headed god with high square ears and a long snout; his was the brother and murderer of Osiris. Called also Seth
God of chaos, storms, destruction and the desert. Son of Nut and Geb, brother of Osiris, Horns the Elder and Isis, brother and husband of Nephthys. (Possibly father of Anubis).
In Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Sutekh, Setesh, Seteh) is an ancient god, who was originally the god of the desert, one of the two main biomes that constitutes Egypt, the other being the small fertile area on either side of the Nile. Due to developments in the Egyptian language over the 3,000 years that Set was worshipped, by the Greek period, the t in Set was pronounced so indistinguishably from th that the Greeks spelt it as Seth.
is placing the modules in their pre assigned locations on the foundation. This is accomplished with an experienced well-coordinated set crew. The crew utilizes trailers, trucks, cranes come along and physical labor. If you get a chance to see a modular go up, you will marvel over it.
To move the modules onto the foundation via crane or roll on equipment.
Set is the name a malevolent seven-headed serpent god within the continuities of Conan the Barbarian and Marvel Universe.
Displays, sets, or removes MS-DOS environment variables.
slant asymptote | slope | solve | subset variable | vertical | vertical asymptote | vertical line test whole number x-coordinate | x-intercept y-coordinate | y-intercept
This term hasn't been defined yet
Permanent change of figure in consequence of excessive strain, as from compression, tension, bending, twisting, etc.; as, the set of a spring.
Permanent distortion which occurs when a spring is stressed beyond the elastic limit of the material.
a relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way; "the set of his mind was obvious"
A set of golf clubs. The maximum number that a golfer is allowed to carry is 14.
The full set of 14 clubs.
The number of golf clubs carried (maximum allowed is 14 in normal rule of play)
A collection of objects, in which each object appears once.
The notion of a set is the most fundamental in Mathematics. Careless use of sets leads to contradictions the most famous of which was discovered by Bertrand Russell. Without going into details, sets are collections of elements that share some property P - the characteristic property of a set. The following notation is quite common: {x: P(x)} is read "the set of all x that have the property P". In view of the possibility of paradoxes, it must be remarked that not every possible property P defines a set.
A collection of things, usually numbers. Sets may be infinite in size.
A unit of rigging consisting of the batten and all other support cables, blocks and mountings.
A system of cables, pulleys, lifting devices and battens that holds a specific set of scenic elements, curtains or lights.
or Scenic Designer: Designs and drafts the pieces that will be used as the shows sets and set pieces.
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A number of persons associated by custom, office, common opinion, quality, or the like; a division; a group; a clique.
A group of publications released by a single publisher with one common theme.
A group of objects or numbers, which are called elements of the set
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arrangement of props and furniture in a TV or photo studio
Derived from "setting." The prepared stage on which the action for three-dimensional animation takes place. A set may be as sirnple as a plain tabletop, or as elaborate as props and decoration can make it.
A specific area in which objects and persons are photographed - generally in a photo studio - and comprised of a backdrop and props.
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Hence, to attach or affix (something) to something else, or in or upon a certain place.
To cause to stop or stick; to obstruct; to fasten to a spot; hence, to occasion difficulty to; to embarrass; as, to set a coach in the mud.
To fix, as a precious stone, in a border of metal; to place in a setting; hence, to place in or amid something which serves as a setting; as, to set glass in a sash.
(n) a series of waves
Length of uninterrupted segment of any non-continuous gig
an uninterrupted series of reps
To place plants or shoots in the ground; to plant.
situated in a particular spot or position; "valuable centrally located urban land"; "strategically placed artillery"; "a house set on a hilltop"; "nicely situated on a quiet riverbank"
The set is the environment, indoor or outdoor, where shooting takes place.
The degree to which a rubber does not fully recover to its original shape after it has been deformed for a long period of time. Also called "permanent set".
(r) strain remaining after complete release of the force producing the deformation.
Is the amount of deformation never recovered after removal of a load. It may be in shear or compression.
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Stoel En Tafel
A Pre-designed routine that contain specific skills / moves required of the trampolinist. Also known as "Compulsory".
Compulsory routine in competition
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To pass below the horizon; to go down; to decline; to sink out of sight; to come to an end.
the descent of a heavenly body below the horizon; "before the set of sun"
disappear beyond the horizon; "the sun sets early these days"
That dimension of the body of a type called by printers the width.
The horizontal extent of a given letter. Also, the average width of the letters in a font, normally gauged by the width of a lowercase alphabet.
The width of a letter. You can expand or condense the size, so that for example a 10-point size can have a set size of 8 which gives a narrower than normal type. A 10-point size can also have a set size of 12 which gives a broader than normal type.
To make to agree with some standard; as, to set a watch or a clock.
Any of various standards of measurement of the fineness of cloth; specif., the number of reeds in one inch and the number of threads in each reed. The exact meaning varies according to the location where it is used. Sometimes written sett.
Standard d'Echange et de Transfert - Data Exchange and Transfer Standard (a development effort by Aerospatiale and the European aerospace industry.
A stone, commonly of granite, shaped like a short brick and usually somewhat larger than one, used for street paving. Commonly written sett.
A small rectangular paving block.
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Chow, pung or kong.
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) a mathematical set
interface a mathematical set of elements, with no duplication. No lookup by key.
In mathematics, a set can be thought of as any collection of distinct objects considered as a whole. Although this appears to be a simple idea, sets are one of the most important and fundamental concepts in modern mathematics. The study of the structure of possible sets, set theory, is rich and ongoing.
To establish as a rule; to furnish; to prescribe; to assign; as, to set an example; to set lessons to be learned.
Established; prescribed; as, set forms of prayer.
An individual incendiary fire. The point or points of origin of an incendiary fire. Material left to ignite an incendiary fire at a later time. Individual lightning or railroad fires, especially when several are started within a short time. Burning material at the points deliberately ignited for backfiring, slash burning, prescribed burning, and other purposes.
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To cause an opponent or opposing team to fall short of making their bid. In the case of nil it means forcing the nil bidder to win a trick.
(v.) To prevent an opposing team from successfully achieving at least one of their bids. (adj.) In the state of having failed to make one's bid.
Software Engineering Team. See EPRI Software Engineering Team
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Grouping of beer brands or chart of facing by SKU together in a cooler or retail display. Sets are usually arranged by category, such as major domestics, imports, and specialty or craft. Usually very detailed- often dictates exact placement as determined by location of each SKU.
determined or decided upon as by an authority; "date and place are already determined"; "the dictated terms of surrender"; "the time set for the launching"
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To extend and bring into position; to spread; as, to set the sails of a ship.
equip with sails, masts, etc.; "rig a ship"
1. To lay out or prescribe, as to set a course; 2. To hoist and spread to the wind, as to set the sails; 3. The manner in which a sail is pulled up and fastened to its spars
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Sh - Shel - Si - Sim - Sl - Sm - Sol - Sp - Spi
1) to defeat a contract. 2) the number of tricks by which a contract is defeated ("a two-trick set").
(1) defeat; prevent from fulfilling the contract;(2) playing in fixed partnerships.
An item with a name in green. These items give bonuses if you wear more than one of the pieces in the set.
A set is a group of items with similar properties that, when combined, give an overall set bonus. Typically, these bonuses are added when there are two or more pieces of the set equipped, and each subsequent bonus stacks with the one before it.
Keywords:  crips, loyal, gang, umbrella, folks
Neighborhood gangs; another term used for a gang by criminal street gang members. Most sets are loyal to and fall under a greater organized umbrella entity such as the "Bloods", "Crips", "Folks" or "People."
A set is the initiation of most aerial skills. Eg. A set for a back tuck is when the gymnast leaves the floor stretching their arms towards the ceiling, lifting their chest, and spotting the wall in front of them. A set is often counterintuitive and therefore takes focus and determination to maximize its effectiveness.
a group of records matching your search criteria. Sets are combined with Boolean Operators (AND, OR, and NOT).
two or more Harbour Lights lighthouses intended to be sold together usually with matching edition numbers. Examples include the Lady Lighthouse Keepers, Stamp Set, and Morris Island Then & Now. .
To adorn with something infixed or affixed; to stud; to variegate with objects placed here and there.
object model] An internal command to allow the setting of an attribute or state of an object.
An associative container with the property that no two objects in it will compare as equal. In other words, a set does not contain multiple copies of objects.
To cause to sit; to make to assume a specified position or attitude; to give site or place to; to place; to put; to fix; as, to set a house on a stone foundation; to set a book on a shelf; to set a dish on a table; to set a chest or trunk on its bottom or on end.
Reasons for which people take drugs, including personality, acquaintances, attitudes and states of mind in given moments.
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a. The angle at which an axle is set-up. For road vehicles this is usually 2 or 3 degrees and for agricultural vehicles, seven or more degrees. The angle is determined by the dish (q.v.) of the wheel so that the lower spoke is vertical and the upper spoke at twice the set angle. b. The process of moving the tyre into the correct position on the felloes after, or during, shrinking on the tyre.
Keywords:  bucker, faller, felling, crew, aka
A cutting crew, generally composed of two people, a faller and a bucker. AKA "felling set".
Keywords:  tide, windward, tend, direction, ship
To have a certain direction in motion; to flow; to move on; to tend; as, the current sets to the north; the tide sets to the windward.
that component of the movement of a ship, caused by current or tide, not in the direction in which the ship is heading
Keywords:  oyster, young, crop, attached, locality
A young oyster when first attached.
Collectively, the crop of young oysters in any locality.
A traction substation that, jointly with other substations, supplies the catenary with electrical power. The catenary then supplies energy to the light rail units.
When a player is one number away from getting bingo.
9000 bingo faces numbered in sequence and all one color.
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To fit with music; to adapt, as words to notes; to prepare for singing.
To fit or suit one; to sit; as, the coat sets well.
The manner, state, or quality of setting or fitting; fit; as, the set of a coat.
Keywords:  devlin, solidify, candle, wax, gum
v. Finishing a seam by heating with a candle, or using dissolved gum on the seam, to solidify the wax around the stitches.. [Devlin, 1840
(see also textbook glossary) The tendency to see situations according to expectations, or to approach problems in an established way.
The capacity to maintain a consistent approach to a task is called 'set'. Where patients suffer 'loss of set' (usually after frontal lobe damage) they are unable to maintain a consistent approach to a task. This is not a memory failure (they may be able to tell you exactly what they should be doing) but a failure of the 'programmes' that direct behaviour.
Keywords:  ringer, slider, leaning, bell, upwards
A bell is set, when it is point mouth upwards, and it will be leaning slightly to one side, held by the Stay and Slider, it can be left by the ringer below, quite safely, unless someone pulls the rope.
Keywords:  sprint, starter, hat, runners, alerting
the act of putting something in position; "he gave a final set to his hat"
The starter's second call to runners in a sprint, alerting them to rise quickly into their final starting positions before the starter's gun is fired.
Keywords:  curdle, curd, cheese, stiff, milk
To render stiff or solid; especially, to convert into curd; to curdle; as, to set milk for cheese.
To reduce from a dislocated or fractured state; to replace; as, to set a broken bone.
put into a position that will restore a normal state; "set a broken bone"
Fertilised flowers that have developed into fruit.
bear fruit; "the apple trees fructify"
Keywords:  shill, shark, stack, short
Shark Shill Short Stack
Keywords:  afire, house, cause
put into a certain state; cause to be in a certain state; "set the house afire"
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South Eastern Trains (Holdings) Ltd (a TOC)
A fair number of student rooms in Trinity take the form of a 'set', usually consisting of a smaller bedroom and larger living (or 'keeping') room. Some sets consist of a shared keeping room with two separate bedrooms, giving an opportunity to live with a friend.
School-wide Evaluation Tool. The School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) is designed to provide an annual evaulation of the critical features of school-wide effective behavior support in a school.  The SET results are used to: (a) assess features that are in place, (b) determine annual goals for school-wide effective behavior support, (c) evaluate on-going efforts toward school-wide behavior support, (d) design and revise procedures as needed, and (e) compare efforts toward school-wide effective behavior support from year to year.
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There are 4 sets each containing 6 rounds of play.
a unit of play in tennis or squash; "they played two sets of tennis after dinner"
Keywords:  horseshoes, four
Four horseshoes.
Keywords:  adapt, poem, adjust, music, desired
To put into a desired position or condition; to adjust; to regulate; to adapt.
Adjusted; arranged; formed; adapted.
adapt for performance in a different way; "set this poem to music"
Sustaining New Zealand's Economic and Tecnological Development
Keywords:  aisle, merchandise, layout, store
The layout of merchandise in an aisle or store.
Keywords:  swsl, slot, topic, value, submission
To value; to rate; -- with at.
A set-valued result as in t[m - {v1,...,vk}]. (See: frame module, and the SWSL submission to the W3C)
(the value of a slot) To replace the value of the slot with a new value.
To apply one's self; to undertake earnestly; -- now followed by out.
A special type of maxlet which defines a set of attributes such as colors, fonts, etc. Parent maxlets use set maxlets to pull in values for these attributes. This allows multiple attributes of the parent to be changed at once simply by replacing the set.
An actuation or adjustment feature on some Banner sensors, which simplifies the process of setting the sensor's threshold. With a single user input, the sensor automatically sets the operating sensitivity below, above or to either side of the threshold.
A piece placed temporarily upon the head of a pile when the latter cannot be reached by the weight, or hammer, except by means of such an intervening piece.
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Stock Exchange of Thailand
Alternative name for barristers chambers.
The interval of time required for adhesive bonding; relative bonding speed of an adhesive material.
The point during the bonding process when the adhesive has reached such structural proportions so as to prevent the movement of the substrates surface.
Sony Entertainment Television
Regular; uniform; formal; as, a set discourse; a set battle.
Keywords:  stance, offense, ready, player, hole
The position of hole set is the player who runs the offense. The call of "hole set" is the setter is in position and is ready for the ball to be passed in.
When an offensive player gets into his stance.
Keywords:  wakeboarder, you've, ride, taken, turn
A term used to refer to a wakeboarder taking their turn on the water. Each time you ride you've "taken a set".
Keywords:  comedy, length, stand
a stand-up comedy show of any length.
An artificial environment which is constructed to make filming easier but still appear natural when viewed from the camera angle.
An artificially constructed environment in which action is photographed.
Keywords:  thorn, young, growth, white, plant
A young plant for growth; as, a set of white thorn.
Keywords:  tribunal, education, special
Special Education Tribunal
Keywords:  telecom, telephone, business
In the telecom business, a set is a telephone.
Keywords:  wedding, arrange, dress, sense, compose
To compose; to arrange in words, lines, etc.; as, to set type; to set a page.
arrange attractively; "dress my hair for the wedding"
The physical elements that are constructed or arranged to create a sense of place.
Keywords:  urge, dog, attack, someone
urge a dog to attack someone
Keywords:  alias, house
Alias used for House
Keywords:  seedlings, garden, let, flowers, ground
put or set (seeds or seedlings) into the ground; "Let's plant flowers in the garden"
Surface Elevation Table - A portable mechanical leveling device for measuring the relative elevation of wetland sediments.
Keywords:  potatoes, onions, crop, planting, small
The small onions or potatoes used for planting to produce a crop.
The actual pieces of furniture, blocks, structures on the stage.
structures on the stage which represent the setting of the play
The visual background on stage. The set shows the location of the action.
Direction or course; as, the set of the wind, or of a current.
(OF CURRENT): The direction towards which a current flows.
Direction toward which the current is flowing.
Keywords:  tilt, see
see tilt
Keywords:  tabs, binder, even, book, together
All the tabs that go together into one individual book or binder. A set can be one bank of tabs, or it can even consist of many banks of tabs of different sizes.
Direction, usually applied to tidal movement.
Keywords:  dialog, box, applies, closing, changes
Applies any changes you have made without closing the dialog box.
Compound hierarchical data-structure of a structured file. They are the equivalent of a C structure.
Two or more sheets of paper that belong together (not necessarily fastened).
A ordered container class. The set container is optimized for insertions, removals, and tests for inclusion.
Keywords:  story, background, action
Background for action of story.
Keywords:  ill, suit, him
To suit; to become; as, it sets him ill.
Keywords:  arrival, estimate, time
estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 P.M."
Driver Set or Image Settings or Backup File Set Configuration (various)
Keywords:  tighten, knot, close
To close or tighten a knot.
Keywords:  subtle, symbol, single
single state subtle symbol
a logical boundary between the delivered media sheets of a printed job
A unit of stamps with a common design or theme issued at one time for a common purpose or over an extended period.
Keywords:  trial, hearing, scheduling
Scheduling, as for a trial or hearing.
To make to assume specified place, condition, or occupation; to put in a certain condition or state (described by the accompanying words); to cause to be.
A Visual Basic keyword. The part of a Property procedure that sets a reference to an object.
all the records meeting your search criteria. Sets are combined with AND, OR, or NOT depending on whether you require the search terms from both sets to be included, you want either or both of the terms included, or you want only the terms from one set and NOT the ones from the other set.
One formation of a drill, represented by one page in the drill book.
science, engineering and technology
Keywords:  forth, begin, start, followed, move
To begin to move; to go out or forth; to start; -- now followed by out.
A short form designating a telephone set. Also known as “phone”, “instrument”, “station”, etc.
Keywords:  quantity, elements, limited
a limited quantity of elements
The area where a photographer takes pictures.
Keywords:  synonymous, term
Term synonymous with DC SET.
Keywords:  mental, see
See mental set.
Keywords:  highest, best, establish, record, level
establish as the highest level or best performance; "set a record"
Keywords:  shell, displays, options, changes
displays or changes shell options.
a data structure consisting of distinct values upon which set operations can be performed. A value in a set is called a member and sometimes by the more general term element.
Keywords:  rolled, balls
3 balls rolled
Keywords:  fire, start, building, apply
apply or start; "set fire to a building"
Keywords:  relationship, exists, records
The relationship which exists between records.
Keywords:  things, combined, example, area, may
A combination of one or more things. For example, several areas may be combined into an area set.
Keywords:  words, file, computer, type
To type words into a computer file.