Definitions for "Play On"
When all players appear to be ready, the initiation team shall ask, "Ready?" and the opponent shall respond with, "Play on." At that time, an impasse occurs and the usual rules apply.
See advantage rule.
A call made by the referee during play to indicate that he/she has seen a foul but has decided not to stop the game because of the advantage clause.
Keywords:  batsman, bowled, stumps, hit, wicket
When a batsman hits the ball but it goes on to hit the stumps and he is bowled
(of a batsman) to accidentally hit the ball (usually off the edge of the bat) on to one's own wicket, resulting in being out bowled.
Keywords:  umpire, football, verbal, kick, dispose
the verbal and visual instruction given by a field Umpire to indicate that: (a) a Free Kick or Mark will not be awarded and play will continue; or (b) a Player has attempted to dispose of the football other than in a direct line over the mark and the football is therefore in play.