Definitions for "Team"
A group of young animals, especially of young ducks; a brood; a litter.
Hence, a number of animals moving together.
A flock of wild ducks.
A group of 4-6 players (but only 4 playing simultaneously, as 2 pairs against 2 pairs of another team) who compete as an entity in certain forms of duplicate bridge.
Team in which the player is currently on or was once a member of.
four players (occasionally more, as in team-of-six) competing as a unit; See: Team-of-four
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Two or more horses, oxen, or other beasts harnessed to the same vehicle for drawing, as to a coach, wagon, sled, or the like.
a reflection of the coach and you can't afford to lose the spark that keeps things moving
a small, unfunded Club Sport which means they are also self-coached which makes the number of times they were able to finish in or near the top half of the fleet even more impressive
A number of persons associated together in any work; a gang; especially, a number of persons selected to contend on one side in a match, or a series of matches, in a cricket, football, rowing, etc.
n. A gang.
a perennial contender out of the New England Region
Individuals rostered together including non-playing captains.
captain: The member of the team directing the riders' strategy during a race. Usually the most seasoned rider in the team.
The collection of players each owner has on his roster.
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To engage in the occupation of driving a team of horses, cattle, or the like, as in conveying or hauling lumber, goods, etc.; to be a teamster.
To convey or haul with a team; as, to team lumber.
a common example of conveying goods
Tessera sanitaria Europea di Assicurazione e Malattia
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an abomination
A royalty or privilege granted by royal charter to a lord of a manor, of having, keeping, and judging in his court, his bondmen, neifes, and villains, and their offspring, or suit, that is, goods and chattels, and appurtenances thereto.
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a bit disapointing this year hope its not a thing of future fo SA rugby, and like any Eng Kiwi game lately if Eng play their top game they will be competitive
a mosaic' Charles Williams 'Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent
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a marathon, not a sprint
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a key game," added Graveney
The side you are assigned to or join in a team based game such as SOCOM: US Navy SEALs or Hardware: Online Arena.
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The Exceptional Athlete Matters
There are ten swimmers on a team, only eight of whom swim in a routine. Different sets of eight athletes may swim in the technical routine and the free routine.
a bit like asking folks in San Diego if they enjoy the beach or ice skating more
a variety of conceiving a multimedia playing experience for those who enjoy playing lottery and oil and www
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use subgroup etc.
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a career opportunity that results in the delivery of superior professional services to a variety of clients in the Upper Great Lakes Region
a great achievement for him
a great move the lad deserved it
a balanced mixture of experienced professionals and young motivated engineers
a combination of highly motivated and successful individuals from all walks of life - old economy businesses, new economy businesses, tech companies, and the travel industry
a guarantee of success
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a real crowd-pleaser
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a thrill to watch
a mutual confidence, a good job performance and personal commitment
a partnership, and the partnership does not exist in the beginning, but must be built based on mutual confidence and respect rather than brute force
a distinct community within the larger school population in which all members have a strong sense of belonging
a maximum of five members
A team is a collection of TUTOS users. One of the team members is the List Manager who may add or delete team members.
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an Ciba Specialty Chemicals Ltd
a world leader in applying so-called "frequency combs" to practical science problems
Main article: cycling team A team of professional cyclists. Usually one rider will be the team leader and the others will support him, though the team itself will be comprised of a mix of riders from the various specialisations.[ edit
a collection of virtual machines connected by one or more private network segments
an amazing collection of scientists, engineers, and management and administrative cadre, the likes of which have no equal
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(from Wikipedia)
a defined organization subscribing to the DEOS system and providing coordinates for use in the AOI
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a jinx waiting to happen
a combined force of uniformed police officers and DEA agents who target drug dealers in hotspot areas
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a mystery to whoever puts on a blue jersey and also to the person responsible for this operation
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a second alliance, formed last year by ARINC Inc
The unit that conducts the Varsity Scout program for the sponsoring organization.
a living entity
an entity and can wield copyright
an entity in its own right, like a new employee who needs induction and development
a much better bet as an operating entity than an individual
a refuge of the mediocre individual
TEAM is a contemporary Slovakian pop/rock music band.
a small storytelling organization
More than one driver in tractor.
Team of two drivers who alternative driving and resting.
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an incredibly tough nut to crack
a close nit family, something some in here have never experienced
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a bit of a challenge given the criteria I've set
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See Clan - To decide if we are to use Team or Clan.
a vehicle in which the weak hide their incompetence by using the strong
a nation-wide network comprised of some of the brightest business consultants with combined backgrounds in marketing, finance, brokering, investment banking, law, business development, graphic arts and web site development
The Team (Director, Chairman, and Staff) manages W3C Activities and establishes the mechanisms and procedures for doing so.
Time Series Translation Exposure
Total Exposure Assessment Methodology
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a lot like a person
a lot more focused on the road
a concept that when understood and implemented well, can go a long way in accelerating the progress of an organization or completing a project at hand
The portion of a task that is running on a single processor. Initially, a task consists of only one team, but if necessary, a task may be divided among more than one processor, and the portion of each task running on a processor is called a team. The operating system may schedule up to 16 teams from different tasks on a single processor. Each processor provides counters and other hardware resources on a per-team basis. A team consists of a set of virtual processors, executing on behalf of a single program.
an integral part of ensuring its replacement is up to the task
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TEAM Relocations Limited.
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Three or more dogs
Keywords:  complicated, marriage
a very complicated marriage
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a smart move for you
a major component of an organization
a major component of a program or project
Keywords:  context, execution
a context for execution
Keywords:  role, new
a new role for us
a complex, living system that both impacts and is impacted by its local environment
Keywords:  purpose, tool, needs, exist, community
a community and needs a purpose to exist
a tool with a specific purpose
a commitment to its wide customer base to ensure high degree of quality output
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a cooperative unit
See Management.
Total Employer Account Management
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a one-year deal
a complex set of personal interactions
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a living, breathing animal that has it ups and downs
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(See Single Resource.)
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a network of help
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a living organism and there should be no differences between the No
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form a team; "We teamed up for this new project"
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an AI if they have the time