Definitions for "Sled"
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A vehicle on runners, used for conveying loads over the snow or ice; -- in England called sledge.
A small, light vehicle with runners, used, mostly by young persons, for sliding on snow or ice.
A land luge racing vehicle. Also known as a streetluge, roadluge or just 'luge.
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A motorsickle
Unofficial term for expansion "backpacks" clipped to the back of handhelds such as Compaq's iPAQ, Sony's CLIE, and others.
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Back in the early days of hard disks, you had two choices, SLED or RAID. SLED systems used a single high capacity hard drive to store lots of data. The drive may have contained a platter that was 3 feet (1 meter) across. It was very expensive. RAID allowed users to link a bunch of smaller, cheaper hard drives together for redundancy and to save the cost of a SLED. As costs and physical sizes of high capacity hard drives decreased, the term SLED began to lose much of its meaning.
Single Large Expensive Disk. The opposite of RAID.
Surface emitting light emitting diode.
See surface-emitting diode.
Abbreviation for Surface-emitting LED.
or "sled ride" when you launch your glider and find no lift, sinking all the way to the ground. The term is used by participants in all forms of gliding, whether hang gliding, paragliding, or sail-plane gliding.
ride (on) a sled
Guide attached to the center of crossbow bowstring to lessen string wear and insure exact centering of the string when cocking.
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a arched shape of kite such as most inflatable kites or the ARC (as opposed to a flatter foil kite).
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Slang term for a Snowmobile
To convey or transport on a sled; as, to sled wood or timber.
A rigid board used to support and convey printed graphics through a laminator, also known as a carrier board. Take me to Section 5: Fundamentals of Operation.
Trade Poster allows clearing firms to submit trades at a differential price.