Definitions for "Splitter"
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This is a passive device (that is, it has no active electronic components and thus requires no power) which allows one signal to be sent over multiple paths.
Filters that separate high frequency (DSL) and low frequency (PSTN) signals at both the end user and central office end points. The splitter breaks down the inward bound signal into low frequencies to send to voice devices and high frequencies for data to the computer (and related devices).
DSL device that accommodates analog telephones, plus digital data access over the Internet. With a splitter, analog voice signals transmit at baseband frequencies. These combine with passband data transmission through a low-pass filter.
Device attached to axle to add an extra set of wheels to the skate truck. Increases traction during turns.
a protruding flat surface at the lower edge of the front spoiler designed to decrease front end lift by creating a high pressure area in front and low pressure area below the vehicle
a protruding flat surface in the front of a vehicle
a taxonomist who classifies organisms into many groups on the basis of relatively minor characteristics
an individual who takes precise definitions, and creates new categories to classify samples that differ in key ways
(opp. lumper) Referring to a taxonomist who prefers taxonomic categories that are narrowly defined. A splitter might recognize certain sphingid smerinthine genera ( Smerinthus, Poanias, Pachysphinx, Laothoe), and in addition, split Poanias into two genera and separate Amorpha as a genus from the Old world Laothoe. A lumper might place all of these genera in a single genus: Smerinthus.
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Stu Bramley
Plate dividing airflow (usually engine inlet)
Small riser on a mudguard to optimise the airflow.
fixed or laterally moveable plate dividing fluid flow in duct, for example to feed two engines
A bar that separates two panes of a window (such as the object tree and the grid). A splitter can be used to adjust the sizes of the panes.
an extension of a SashForm that supports nesting, maximizing of panes, and propagating the visibility state of panes
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See Microfilter.
a compromise that works, but is the very minimum that contibutes to unecessary problems
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See Adaptor.
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Member of a fishing crew who cuts out the back or sound bone of the cod-fish and opens the fish to the tail for salting and drying.
a worker who splits fish and removes the backbone
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see Coupler.
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a vertical projection located behind the saw blade
This is used to split tube cane into three equal width pieces in the first stages of processing cane. It looks like a long stick with three blades at the end. It is inserted into the hollow tube of cane and pressed down.
a most unsatisfactory way of achieving what you want
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a laborer who splits logs to build split-rail fences
an enclosure containing terminal plates or bus bars having main and branch connectors.
Hydraulic machine/equipment used to split natural stone.
a partially mirrored piece of glass, that can be coated to reflect virtually any percentage, and let the rest pass through
a stand-alone, powerful application that allows you to perform basic operations on files such as splitting, merging and extracting
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One who, or that which, splits.