Definitions for "Coupler"
Keywords:  hitch, trailer, tow, tongue, hitchball
A metal sleeve threaded internally and used to connect threaded rods or bolts
The part of a trailer A-frame that attaches to the hitch ball.
The part of the trailer that hooks to the hitch ball.
One who couples; that which couples, as a link, ring, or shackle, to connect cars.
A multiport device used to distribute optical power.
A device that connects a test microphone to a hearing aid to provide an accurate testing situation.
Semisymmetrical Octahedron = 16 A-Modules + 8 B-Modules
A chemical incorporated in the emulsion of color film stocks which produces a dye image associated with the developed silver image.
chemical present in different forms in all three layers of substantive color or a chemical incorporated into a developer.
Referring to on-glass antennas, a coupler is the two-piece interface between the coaxial cable on the inside of the glass and the radiator on the outside of the vehicle. It is designed to efficiently couple RF energy through the glass. The formulation of the glass and glass thickness normally have a substantial effect on coupler performance.
Keywords:  smart, reader, integrated, basis, read
An electronic system used to read the smart card. It is the basis of a reader. Designed to be integrated in a machine.
Keywords:  tendon, stressing, partial, pre, length
The means by which the pre-stressing force may be transmitted from one partial-length pre-stressing tendon to another.
a mechanical arrangement whereby another key is played along with the one being fingered