Definitions for "Bobtail"
a tractor that moves from point A to point B without a trailer
a truck without a trailer and the insurance was designed to cover those times when the truck was being used for non business related transportation
Motor Carrier slang indicating a non-revenue movement without a trailer or container attached.
Keywords:  sheepdog, tail, dog, shortened, profuse
An animal (as a horse or dog) with a short tail.
a short or shortened tail of certain animals
large sheepdog with a profuse shaggy blue-gray-and-white coat and short tail; believed to trace back to Roman occupation of Britain
A truss type formed by truncating a normal triangular truss.
Same as Stub Truss
a coinage formed by sawing off a perfectly respectable noun or phrase, presumably in the interest of saving space
An open-ender, or "outside" straight draw. Occasionally used to refer to an inside straight draw or a four-card flush draw as well.
PEAK See APEX. PERMISSIBLE STRESSES Design Stresses for grades of timber published in IS 444.