Definitions for "pup "
Progressive Unionist Party, a working - class Loyalist political party that is the political wing of the UVF
Progressive Unionist Party. Seen as the political wing of the UVF. Many of its leading lights are former Loyalist paramilitaries, including David Ervine, a major player in ensuring Loyalist support for the Good Friday Agreement.
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A short semi-trailer used jointly with a dolly and another semi-trailer to create a twin trailer.
A short semi-trailer, approximately 28 feet in length, usually connected in tandem to another semi-trailer to create a twin trailer or a set of trailers.
a trailer usually connected in tandem to another trailer for over-the-road travel. A set of two pups connected together is often called "double bottoms."
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A young dog; a puppy.
a young seal.
To bring forth whelps or young, as the female of the canine species.
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PARC Universal Protocol. Protocol similar to IP developed at PARC.
In the internet system developed by Xerox Corporation, a PUP is the fundamental unit of transfer, just as the IP datagram in a TCP/IP internet. The name was derived from the name of the laboratory at which the Xerox internet was developed, the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).
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pup is a GTK+ GUI utility for maintaining your printer. For uni-directional mode, it supports the Lexmark Optra Color 40 and 45, Lexmark Optra E310, HP 2100M, HP 4000, and HP LJ4 Plus. For bi-directional mode, it supports any PJL printer .
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a baby shark
A baby hamster.
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An aeroplane (Sopwith design)
Principle User Processor
potentially unwanted program. Software programs written by legitimate companies that may alter the security state or the privacy posture of the computer on which they are installed. This software can but does not necessarily include spyware, adware, and dialers, and could be downloaded in conjunction with a program that the user wants. Security-minded users know about such programs and, in some case, have them removed.
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A 9hp Bolinder engine.
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See "underdog."
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The specific area on a coin where first to look to try to find a given variety. This could be the motto, the date, the profile, etc.
Pesticide Use Proposal. A procedure whereby, a petition is submitted to government agency(ies), and must be approved by the agency(ies), before a pesticide, in a specific formulation and purpose can be used.
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Picking Up the Pieces
Performance Unit Plan. Closely resembles a performance share plan, however the unit value is not related to the stock price. The award payment could be is stock, cash or a combination of the two.
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derogatory term for pupil