Definitions for "Carriage"
A frame or cage in which something is carried or supported; as, a bell carriage.
The horizontal part of the stringers of a stair that supports the treads.
a support structure for forks or attachments, generally roller-mounted, traveling vertically within the mast of a cantilever truck
That which is carried; burden; baggage.
A wheeled vehicle for persons, esp. one designed for elegance and comfort.
A wheeled vehicle carrying a fixed burden, as a gun carriage.
The entire assembly that moves over the ways of a lathe from tailstock to headstock.
A principal part of a lathe that carries the cutting tool and consists of the saddle, compound rest. and apron. See also: Lathes.
The fixture in the print device that holds the print cartridge. It moves back and forth during printing.
The sawmill device on which a debarked logged is placed which moves the log back and forth through the saw blade creating slabs, cants and lumber. The log is also turned on the carriage before making the next cut.
An enclosure holding the jet packs, secondary ink system and control hardware for the print heads.
A part of a machine which moves and carries of supports some other moving object or part.
n. 1. the movable assembly of a key machine which supports the key vise(s), 2. a changeable part of a clipper that holds the key blank
The mechanical part of a non-split boring machine that includes the engine or drive motor, the drive train, thrust block and hydraulic cylinders.
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Railroad car, subway car
A component of this product that contains the optical sensor and light source for scanning.
The scanner component that moves down a page to capture an image.
A component of the scanner that contains the optical sensor and light source for scanning
The act of carrying, transporting, or conveying.
That which carries of conveys,
See Transportation.
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a symbol of languor
Rotating frame of a tourbillon (s.) device, carrying the balance and escapement (s.). This structural element is essential for a perfect balance of the whole system and its stability, in spite of its reduced weight. As today's tourbillon carriages make a rotation per minute, errors of rate in the vertical position are eliminated. Because of the widespread use of transparent dials, carriages became elements of aesthetic attractiveness.
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The manner of carrying one's self; behavior; bearing; deportment; personal manners.
The act or manner of conducting measures or projects; management.
The manner of holding and moving one's head and body.
Another name for a Top Carrier ( Ralph Whitlock: 'A Short History of Farming')
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See "Arbor."
Otherwise known as network protocol, carriage refers to the way in which videoconferencing signals are carried between endpoints. There are two main types of network protocols available. ISDN (integrated Services Digital Network), which takes the form of a dedicated digital phone line, or IP (Internet Protocol), which makes use of the Internet. The use of IP networks is growing momentum in the market place due to its high transmission capacity.
The way a model carries herself or walks.
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This is the mechanism in which the video cassette sits. See also a picture of the SLC9 carriage.
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Carry propagation
A cable system's procedure of carrying the signals of television stations on its various channels. FCC rules determine which signals cable systems must or may carry.
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A state in which the bacteria are living in the back of the nose and throat but not causing disease.
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The position of the arms and top line while in dance position.
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The price or expense of carrying.