Definitions for "Channels"
A mono recording uses one channel, stereo needs two, and two channels mean a file that’s twice the size of a mono recording.
Either 1 channel (mono), 2 channel (stereo) or multi-channel (up to 6 channel).
Refers to whether an audio file or audio workstation supports mono or stereo. Although audio files with more than two channels do exist, most are either mono (one channel) or stereo (two channels). See also, "Additional Audio Terms ".
Trendlines show which way a market is moving. They link peaks or troughs on price charts to show the overall direction prices are taking. Lines can be drawn parallel to the trend lines, to help outline what are called channels. Channels are pipes through which prices move as they zigzag along a trend line. Once a trend line has been plainly recognised, a channel can usually be determined.
The area between two parallel trendlines, the upper trendline connecting most of the important price peaks or closes and the lower trendline connecting the important lows or closes. Price reversals are expected to occur when prices approach either boundary.
Channels are self-contained packets of contents that provide quick access to information, applications, or other Web resources. A preselected Web page that can automatically send updated information for immediate display on request. A major component of the usability initiative for Banner 7.0 is the channelization of Banner content. Clients who implement the Luminis Platform will be able to use a series of Banner channels to be released with Banner 7.0. These channels will allow constituents to view information and perform business processes without leaving the portal. These channels will take one of the following forms: A navigational channel links to a Banner form or self-service page. An informational channel (for example, a grades channel for students) displays read-only data. A transactional channel provides the ability to perform a business function (for example, registration or gift processing).
Another term for "categories of content". There is a huge range of quality content on MSN, appealing to millions of different users. Rather than just providing a vast list to search through, we divide that content up into categories or channels (like a television channel) in order to make things easier for you. Examples of MSN Channels include MSN Photos and MSN Groups.
A channel is a Web site enabled for information-receiving programs. The mechanism that makes this possible is the Channel Definition Format (.cdf) file. Channels can be organized into categories and placed on the user's desktop.
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a specific band of the radio frequency spectrum used for radio transmissions.
Refers to the number of speakers an amplifier is designed to power; four-channel amplifiers will power four speakers, two-channel amplifiers will drive two speakers, etc. While a two-channel amplifier can drive more than two speakers, each speaker will get less power and use of the fader control will be sacrificed. Note that all radios have either two or four channels of amplification as well and this should be considered when you plan to purchase one.
Official communication routes. The Federal Communications Commission designates a channel (or spectrum frequency) for a radio or television station to ensure that the stations do not interfere with each others' signal. Channels are commonly known to viewers as the numbers on TV dials corresponding to individual local stations. Channel assignments vary widely by market: for example, ABC's affiliate can be channel 7 in one market, but channel 4 in another. Cable systems may designate a channel on their service that differs from the channel location given a broadcast station by the government.
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Subtle inner passageways of the body through which flow subtle drops moved by inner winds. See Clear Light of Bliss.
A constituent of the vajra body through which energy winds and drops flow. The central, right, and left are the major channels; the channels total 72,000 in all.
rtsa (Tib). The human body contains 72,000 subtle channels or nadis which carry energy throughout the body. The energy which flows through these channels affects every aspect of our physical and emotional well-being. The nature of the energy and its circulation depends largely on our states of mind. There are three main channels, which extend from the top of the head to the groin area.
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Also called meridians, they are paths through which the Qi flows within the body.
(meridians) paths the chi flows within the body
one of 16 different data paths that are available to carry messages in MIDI.
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Channels refer to websites or other technologies that facilitate the transfer of information. In IRC, for example, channels are virtual rooms or chambers where people communicate with each other.
A 'Chat Room' on IRC, or Internet Relay Chat.
The individual data streams from a multispectral device, corresponding to the many individual slices of spectral data. Compare with band.
Channels is a rock band. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland.
Precision formed to the board's hull, channels allow riders to maintain control in critical situations and increased speed in bigger surf. Grooved slots in the bottom of the board, called channels, help minimize turbulence and increase the boards hold to the wave.
Grooves in the wheel rim into which solid rubber tyres are fitted.
(or Access Channels) Types of communication methods, such as telephone, digital TV, kiosks and emails.
Many scholars in nonverbal communication refer to the use of the various senses as channels; nonverbal communication is multi-channeled compared to verbal communication, employing many channels at once.
These are images in a hologram which change abruptly from one to another as the viewer passes by. They can also fade or overlap as they change. Animated holograms are essentially made up of hundreds of image channels.
May refer to color channels or alpha channels. Color and transparency information for video and graphics clips is divided into individual channels.
A storage place for fundamental components of any Photoshop image. There are 5 types, used for different things: Color, Mask, Quick Mask, Layer Mask, and Alpha channels.
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official routes of communication; "you have to go through channels"
A course or pathway through which water flows, either by natural or synthetic means. Rivers, for example, are channels. However, people could always cut a deep pathway from a lake to a village and the water route would be a channel.
Dual or multiple channels on a baby monitor help to lessen any interference to the signal.
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Transport proteins that act as gates to control the movement of sodium and potassium ions across the plasma membrane of a nerve cell.
a characteristic that allows the application developer to reload the channel configuration parameters for the next transfer
an exchange line consists of one or a number of channels, each having a bandwidth of 64 kbit/s.
A person who has developed the knowledge and awareness to direct Divine energy through themselves. "The Tools of Divine Spirits" is often an accurate label for a Channel. Can also be known as a Medium.
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These are XML links to new articles or blogs. Sometimes called a feed.
Web sites designed to automatically send up-to-date information to you through your web browser. You can change the type of information presented when you subscribe to a channel. Typical information delivered through channels are news, sports, weather and stock quotes.
There are two types of "channels" when talking about R/C. One is the channel the Tx transmits on, the other is how many control surfaces a Tx can control.
a means of accessing services (e.g. Internet, telephone, visit to a government office). Different types of customers use different service access channels.
The number of transmission frequencies or options available to transmit or receive messages.
The method/means by which a product or service is marketed, ordered, and delivered.