Definitions for "Folksonomy"
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A form of classification used on web sites that is often used in blogs, search engines, photographic sites, and applications that are considered to be a part of Web2.0. With folksonomy, average people use keyword tags to classify different kinds of stuff. It's easier to show than explain…look at the tags used in technorati, librarything,, and flickr and you will understand what I mean. Have fun.
a bottom-up method of organization, as opposed to a taxonomy, which is top-down
a categorization system, or taxonomy, defined by users, or folks, like you and me
a collection of metadata created by users
a decentralised, social approach to creating metadata for digital resources
a decentralised, social approach to creating online metadata for digital assets
a type Chinese English Dictionary Pronunciation MasterNewMedia
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an ever-growing vocabulary that is internally inconsistent (out of necessity)
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a flat list of terms