Definitions for "Aggregator"
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A piece of software or a Web page that gathers RSS feeds from multiple sources and displays their content as a single view. Return
An aggregator or news aggregator is a type of software that retrieves syndicated Web content that is supplied in the form of a web feed (RSS, Atom and other XML formats), and that are published by weblogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream mass media websites. ( Wikipedia)
Two main types of aggregators: web-based aggregators and desktop/software aggregators. Web-based aggregators allow individuals to subscribe to feeds online and read feeds in a web browser. Desktop aggregators are software programs installed locally that updates when feeds are updated. The aggregator shows new information and allow for users to read feeds.
Entity responsible for all aspects of energy delivery from its own portfolio of buyers and sellers. Aggregators gather customers or generators to buy/sell bulk power, making a profit on the transaction.
A firm, which may/may not be licensed by the PUC/PSC, that signs up a large group of consumers to bargain on their behalf for the lowest possible price for energy. The firm "aggregates" or combines many smaller customers into one large customer for purposes of negotiation.
An entity registered with the Public Utility Commission that brings together a group of customers to buy electricity in bulk.
Librarians are applying this term products from vendors who package materials from more than one publisher. Example: IAC Infotrac provides indexing and full text articles from many journal publishers. EBSCO is another example. Ann Okerson cites this reference:"A LIBLICENSE-L message of 14 March 1997 defined aggregators in the following way: " 'aggregation' as used on this list means the bundling together or gathering together of electronic information into electronic collections that are marketed as a package".
A program which gathers information and parses the information in a logical way. Commonly used to parse XML data.
a provider of multiple research databases, e.g. Infotrac, EBSCOHOST, Lexis-Nexis.
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This is a e-commerce business model in which the web site sells products or services which it does not produce or warehouse. Rather, an Aggregator creates an environment where multiple providers (sellers) must compete on terms determined by the use.
a clipping service
An aggregator is essentially a sales agent for a long distance company. Any person or business that, in the normal course of business, provides a public telephone for the use of patrons through an Operator Service Provider (OSP).
Enables buyers within a market to select among various competitors by aggregating information about the market and its suppliers and providing this information via a Web site. Aggregators may provide decision-support applications that integrate supplier information with third-party information and with user requirements or preferences to allow users to differentiate services and features of the various competitors. Content aggregators aggregate information and match it to user preferences. These preferences may be declared actively (user explicitly specifies) or passively (software discerns preferences from user behavior or interest) and are used to filter aggregated content and deliver only what matches user preferences. [Go to source
an application you run on your computer to go and fetch content of multiple sources
a useful way to keep up with copious and rapidly-changing content, and SharpReader is the one I recommend
a person who collects things
a collection of bots that retrieve and combine information from different sources
a program that collects newsfeeds and puts them together so that you can read the updates from your favourite websites in one place
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an object that is comprised of other objects (components). A'has-a' relationship exists between the aggregator object and its component (see component) objects. For example, a polygon is an aggregator for its vertex objects (components). Synonym: container.
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Device (computer) that serves many other devices. For example, a computer that not only handles dial-up modem calls for an ISP, but also supports ISDN connections, leased-lines, while it is also a router, well, that is a typical aggregator.
When marketing online, an aggregator is a collector of various ads or offers. Advertisers are usually charged a commission when using an aggregator.
A company that resells access to other companies' wireless networks.
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a great way to cover more ground fast
Provider of mobile technology applications.
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a little program that you can run on your computer
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One who aggregates.