Definitions for "database"
an organized body of related information.
a large compilation of information (data) organized into tables and fields, with relationships built into the database in order for the user to enter and retrieve information without duplicating data. A database is composed of organized data stored in a computer for use. An organized collection of related information.
Generally, data or information that is entered into a computer program and organized by fields. The catalog is a database with separately-searchable fields for authors, titles, subject headings, etc. The Libraries subscribe to many databases that index journal articles and even provide full text articles. They are available in the middle of the IRIS homepage.
The accumulation of all Precinct data into the Election Management System. A database is comprised of all precinct names and the splits/combinations assigned to each.
Set of predicates and all the objects managed by Prolog (excluding Prolog stacks).
The Prolog database comprises all of the clauses that have been loaded or asserted into the Prolog system or that have been asserted, except those clauses that have been retracted or abolished.
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deleecher digital id Dog dual CPUs
deleecher digital certificates Documentation that is essential DTR
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Français : Base de données Deutsch : Datenbank
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See SiteSearch Database.
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more details: NetLingo TM
the base list from which all calls are made. Can be a simple list of existing customers, to a comprehensive base incorporating details of past transactions/contacts. In inbound operations, will appear on screen when called up. Refer to CRM.
A number of lists with a common interest merged into one master list eliminating duplicates
Devaluation Distributive fairness
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I suggest adding that Mambo is a database driven application and that you can edit, add or delete items in Mambo's database within it. You may also want to add "(see also Record)".
The trial version of the Database ("Trial Database") is intended for purposes of familiarization with the working version of the Database and is provided for a limited time to individuals who have expressed an interest in subscribing to the Regulatory Information Services. The Trial Database is provided on the basis of the Trial Database End-User License.
The working version of the Database is a package consisting of fully functional Database and devices, which is provided to the subscriber on the basis of the Database End-User License.
Compiler-generated static analysis set of data built from a fileset in the static analyzer.
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Datasheet view Design view Back
a coherent set of data with some inherent meaning and purpose that model some aspect of the real world.
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Create an Alert
All user data logically associated with a single conceptual scheme.
An ordered set of data. Our consulting and development team can design any database to increase business use of data. Our software development team can create everything from a custom inventory system to a point of sale system for your business.
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See cluster database.
A program behind an application.
A secondary storage facility in which all data is centralized and arranged independently of applications.
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See Database Object.
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See Periodical Database.