Definitions for "Inbound"
A flight coming into the airport.
Inward bound. Direction of vessel or cargo going to port of discharge or final destination.
Any phone calls that come into a telemarketing call centre.
A component of CallPath SwitchServer/2 that allows the host application program to locate and display customer information on an agent's terminal.
Freight or trailers moving to or through a terminal.
Used in the Chicago Metropolitan Area to indicate roads which lead from outlying areas into the Chicago downtown.
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See Incoming Mail. (courrier d'arrivée)
Refers to network traffic that originates from the unprotected side of a Raptor Firewall.
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The path customers follow as they enter a store and begin shopping. The term can also refer to the flow of products into a warehouse prior to order selection.
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to pass the ball on a throw-in
A term used to describe any shipment that originates in one district but is delivered by another district.
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link: A link from a site other than yours.