Definitions for "TSR"
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A program that runs, loads into memory, and stays out of view until you call on it. TSRs were commonly used in DOS, and are not necessary in modern operating...
A Terminate and Stay Resident Computer program. TSRs usually are loaded into memory before other programs and can be activated while running another program by using Hot Key combinations.
erminal tuck on AM.
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Telemarketing Service Rep. AKA Agent, AKA TMR
Technical Support Representative
Telephone Sales Representatives
Total shoulder replacement
Total shareholder return. Total shareholder return (TSR) is the measure of the returns that a company has provided for its shareholders, reflecting share price movements and assuming reinvestment of dividends. It is, therefore, a good indicator of a company's overall performance.
Total shareholder return. To judge the total return to shareholders, the level of income received must be included. A systematic measure is TSR which calculates the total return in terms of share price performance and the dividends paid.
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(variant T$R) - Originally an acronym for Tactical Studies Rules; later that name was dropped in favor of the initials alone, which no longer stood for anything. Former publisher of (A)D&D.
(variant T$R) - Formerly an acronym for Tactical Studies Rules, later simply TSR. Publisher of (A)D&D.
Railway Track Safety Rules
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Trans Siberian Landbridge
Temporary Safe Refuge. The temporary refuge is a specially designated area on board every offshore oil and gas production platform which is designed to ensure that personnel can muster in safety for a period of protection while an incident is being assessed and a decision taken on whether or not to abandon the installation. The temporary refuge is equipped, amongst other things, with command, communication, monitoring, mustering and medical facilities.
See Tip Speed Ratio.
Temporary Speed Restriction
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Texas Ski Ranch
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Telecom Service Request, method to notify DISC of request for telecom services
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Time Switch Regime
test summary report. a testing work product that formally summarizes the results of project testing.