Definitions for "ACD"
Automatic Call Distributor. A programmable device at a call center that routes incoming calls to targets within that call center. After the Intelligent Call Router determines the target for a call, the call is sent to the ACD associated with that target. The ACD must then complete the routing as determined by the ICR.
Automatic Call Distribution. A computerized switching system that distributes a large volume of incoming calls in sequence to available operators.
This stands for "Automated Call Distributor," and is oftentimes referred to as "the queue." When a customer calls the C&IT Help Desk, the customer is accepted in the ACD and then the ACD forwards the call to the first available agent in a first-come, first-serve order.
Anticoagulant - Acid Citrate Dextrose
A solution of acid, citrate, and dextrose used as an anticoagulant and preservative in storing blood for transfusions.
( Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal) — Adjournment of a proceeding, for a specified duration, with a view to ultimate dismissal of the petition in the furtherance of justice.
Adjournments in Contemplation of Dismissal
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See Authorised Corporate Director
Authorised Corporate Director. Organisation which undertakes the role of managing the funds in an OEIC.
Authorised Corporate Director. The term used to describe the manager of an OEIC fund. An ACD has the same role and responsibilities as their unit trust equivalents, known as the fund manager.
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utomatic all istribution
see Augmentative Communication Device
Augmentative communication device. A phrase used by Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to refer to equipment used by any AAC user to aid their communication
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Acid Phosphatase
access control definition. Security feature that controls access to files and directories. Consists of a list of access permissions and user specifications. (For example, R,W,X:@.PAYROLL gives all users in the PAYROLL account read, write, and execute access to the file or directory that is assigned this ACD.) ACDs are applied to files or directories by using the ALTSEC command. By default, all files existing outside the traditional MPE account/group structure and all directories are assigned ACDs when they are created.
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Protection device that secures in rock cracks or pockets by means of spring-loaded cams. See SLCD.
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Alt Control Delete
Agreed commitment date The date by which a carrier has agreed to provide a customer with a new or reconnected telephone service.
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Advance Chemistry Development, Inc. chemistry, institution, all url: (06-01-01)
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Adjusted Calculated Date - This is the local date of birth adjusted to GMT.
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Accidental Death Benefit
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see Active Center Differential.