Definitions for "Queue "
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GNU Queue is a load-balancing and batch-processing system that features an innovative job proxy mechanism which allows users to control their remote jobs in a nearly seamless and transparent fashion. No special privileges are required for installation.
A tail-like appendage of hair; a pigtail.
A line of persons waiting anywhere.
To fasten, as hair, in a queue.
a braid of hair at the back of the head
Manchu men's hairstyle that consisted of a high shaved forehead and a long braid down the back; originally developed to keep long hair out of the face in battle. By Manchu decree issued by Dorgon in 1645, all Chinese men had to adopt the hairstyle upon risk of execution. Anti‑Manchu activists would often cut the queue braid as an act of defiance against the Qing.
A shaped iron bar bolted to early 16th Century jousting armours to hold down and steady the rear of the lance, enabling it to be levelled and aimed more easily.
Sixteenth-century bar bolted to the breastplate to steady the lance for jousting
See Printer Queue.
A first-in first-out data structure used for lining up requests for a resource such as a printer or communications channel.
a data structure maintaining a first-in, first-out discipline of insertion and removal. [SILC99][TOP OF THE PAGE
To route a communication, such as a passenger name record, on a CRS to a specific destination, such as a travel agency.
A data structure that contains status information, a pointer to routines processing messages, and pointers for administering a Stream. It typically contains pointers to a put and service procedure, a message queue, and private data.
An object created by an administrator to implement the point-to-point delivery model. A queue is always available to hold messages even when the client that consumes its messages is inactive. A queue is used as an intermediary holding place between producers and consumers.
Set of items, such as telephone calls or packets, arranged in sequence.
the order in which documents are to be printed by the computer.
a ordered sequence of objects where items are removed in the order
A line (e.g. at a bank or a supermarket.) Pronounced, "cue"
Single-file line.
Line. I realize it means the same thing in the U.S., but we hardly ever use it. Example 1: You stand in a queue to get movie tickets. Example 2: A traffic sign reads "Don't queue across intersection."
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a mini marketplace in action
a premier systems integrator that designs, implements, and integrates the SCADA and PIMS systems that our customers need to compete in the global marketplace
An autonomous collective of Belgians gathered together for the purpose of standing silently and impassively for hours on end, impervious to any social atrocities that may be being conducted at it's head.
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In our context –a certain IPBX within the QMS.
A holding container for work items. In Microsoft CRM, queues are used in several places. For example, the Queues area of the Workplace module contains queues of cases and activities. In KB Manager, knowledge base articles are sorted into queues in the Draft, Unapproved, and Published folders.
a holding place for user tasks and commands
A queue in a call centre is an electronic holding area where calls are placed until an agent becomes free to answer them.
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ASL Browser
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a discreet monitoring point for your patrons to access the service
Queues process incoming and outgoing e-mail and are usually used to seperate correspondance for a specific department. Example queues are: Billing, Support & Sales.
A file that stores requests until the system is ready to process them.
A queue is a series of folders that contain image files of scanned paper documents and a database of lookup values to facilitate searching, retrieving and viewing of the image files.
a collection for holding elements prior to processing
a thread boundary element
a variable-size, ordered collection of homogeneous elements
a collection of items in which only the oldest item may be accessed or removed
a collection of items together with the following operations
a set of items in which only the earliest added item may be removed
a transient holder to place requests of similar kind or based certain criteria
an entity that supports the notion of named subjects of interest
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server mirroring
(Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals; search in this book)
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a set of file-targets to be transferred
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a good collection to use when you are managing a limited resource
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a group of type Case or Lead
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a collection point for any e-mails coming into your system