Definitions for "ASL"
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same as American sign language, the sign language used in the US.
(Pronounced “A-S-L.”) American Sign Language, the signed language used by deaf and hard-of-hearing people throughout North America, with the exception of Quebec.
A natural visual-gestural language with syntax, structure, and grammar rules different from English.
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average staffing level The average number of employees receiving salary or wages over the financial year, with adjustments for casual and part-time employees to show the full-time equivalent.
Archipelagic Sea Lanes
Automatic Sound Leveliser
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The Acceptable Suppliers List of those manufactures of snap fasteners who have proven that their products are manufactured to the standards as set forth in specification MIL-10884.
Authorized Stockage Lists
Approved Supply List
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Aziende Sanitarie Locali
ASL (argininosuccinate lyase) is a human gene that makes the protein argininosuccinate lyase, one of the enzymes controlling a series of reactions called the urea cycle. The ASL enzyme starts the reaction in which the amino acid arginine, a building block of proteins, is produced from argininosuccinate.
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Root, origin; descent, lineage of a noble character; foundation, basis; principles, fundamentals. ‘Hasb ul-Usool' means in conformity with regulations.
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Automated side loader. a type of collection truck that has a mechanical arm that reaches out from the truck to retrieve, pick up and dump residential trash carts over the side of the truck.
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Anti-Saloon League
America's Service Locator - CareerOneStop
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Asynchronous Learning
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Association of Small Landlords
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Assisted Living
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Advanced Stop Line
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Age, sex, location