Definitions for "Discussion forum"
Discussion forums allow people to communicate about various topics by posting messages and replies to messages under the heading of a particular topic on the Internet or an intranet.
a bulletin board to which readers can post comments by e-mail
a database that stores, sorts, organizes and manages messages submitted by participants as contributions to ongoing discussions
a good way of not only interacting with your customers, but of letting them interact with each other
a great place for you to interact with yourfans and street teams
an email system that lets students and lecturers engage in 'electronic discussion'
a great place to share thoughts on the program and event success stories
an electronic place to discuss issues, solicit input, and communicate decisions
an informal meeting place where the members can share ideas and comments
an official channel of communication between the board and the membership
a powerful communication tool with immediate impact, and because it is written, the nuances of ordinary conversation (such as facial expression or tone of voice) are absent
an ever-growing, real-world knowledgebase that any authorized user can benefit from
an extended classroom with similar expectations concerning behaviour
an online conference
Discussion forum is a threaded online text conversation between participants.
an alternative method that can help facilitate teachers' learning
a popular Internet tool used to discuss issues and interests
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