Definitions for "EXPECTATIONS"
Looking forward to event s that are about to happen. [D02740] Webster
a solid strategy for successfully creating quick-to-market and inexpensive avionics software
Is the composite of market sentiment or the forward looking aspect of what traders anticipate to happen within their trading horizons.
Customer perceptions about how an organization's products and services will meet their specific needs and requirements.
Customer perceptions about how a product or service will meet their needs and requirements; expectations for a product or service are shaped by many factors; including the specific use the customer intends to make of it, prior experience with a similar product or service and representations and commitments made by marketing and advertising.
Beliefs about how a product/service will perform.
The knowledge and skills that students are expected to develop and demonstrate. The Ontario curriculum policy document for mathematics identifies expectations for each grade from Grade 1 to Grade 8.
one's future financial or career prospects.
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Issues, hopes, and fears identified by the patient and/or family that require attention in the plan of care.
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The profit or loss you would expect to make on an average Number of bets.