Definitions for "Curriculum"
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A race course; a place for running.
A course; particularly, a specified fixed course of study, as in a university.
Set of courses focused in a particular field (i.e., Accounting, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nuclear Engineering Technology, Nursing).
The way academic content is designed and delivered. It communicates what should be taught, why a topic should be taught and how a topic should be taught.
an academic plan or strategy in which the total blueprint for action is outlined
an academic plan or strategy in which the total blueprint for One example of this is the following worksheet
a framework for classroom activities and instruction
a guide, more than anything
a guide to instruction in the classroom
a planned, sequential set of lessons, where each lesson ideally builds on the knowledge given in the previous lesson
a plan of action applied to a training programme
a resource, rather than a lesson plan
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a racecourse
an expert-managed enterprise defined and delimited according to disciplinary, interdisciplinary, or other professional canons
an extension of UTD's part- time MBA program
a powerful way to organize and systematize the delivery of program components
a three-year program of intensive practical training
a simplistic and one-sided presentation on a complex area of law, delivered to children, many of whom are likely to lack the knowledge and sophistication to engage the instructors in productive discussion
an attempt to communicate the essential principles and features of an educational proposal in such a form that is open to critical scrutiny and capable of effective translation into practice
a necessary apparatus in order to define a discipline in higher education
an embodiment of the very problem that we face with the notion "reality
a blend of quantitative and behavioral classes designed to reflect today's integrated and global marketplace
an integration of theory and practice
Commonly understood as the totality of the experiences the learner has as a result of the provision made.
a dramatic break from tradition, it attracts candidates who desire a hands-on approach to management
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Outcome Assessment
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a clear success
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a mile wide and a foot deep
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a lot like a home
Information organized on a specific topic; a set of topic specific information created for a defined group.