Definitions for "Continuing Education"
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An on-going process in the insurance industry to keep its member professionals current, updated and responsive to the many legislative, coverage and marketing changes, through the offering of courses, workshops and seminars.
The regulatory requirement for broker-dealers to ensure that registered personnel maintain appropriate and current training relating to their municipal securities activities.  The continuing education program consist of a “regulatory element,” which is conducted and delivered on a scheduled basis by NASD, and a “firm element,” which is conducted by each firm and is tailored to its specific business.
College of Continuing Education (CCE), Morris, Duluth, and Twin Cities. Formerly known as University College. Includes those enrolled in night school (extension), as well as those enrolled in Twin Cities CCE day school. Some Morris students are taking classes on the Twin Cities campus.
The twelfth of Nia's Thirteen Principles, which directs you to continue focusing on your craft and technique perpetually.
The industry-mandated program prescribed for certain broker-dealer personnel. See also: Regulatory Element and Firm Element.
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