Definitions for "Instructor"
The people who have been certified to teach the Laws of the Game and conduct training classes for referees. Instructors must keep current with any changes in the Laws of the Game.
An Instructor is an individual who has completed the MSF Instructor Preparation Course and is certified to teach the MRC:RSS.
The instructor(s) on board teaching scuba diving, photography, or Videography classes.
One who instructs; one who imparts knowledge to another; a teacher.
Teacher of technical skills (Pilot)
A nontenured teacher at a college. See Tenure.
A person who helps prepare asprirants to learn the Knowledge techniques.
a learning process
a physicist, or even understands this particular aspect of karate techniques
An individual who gives knowledge or information to learners in a systematic manner by presenting information, directing structured leaning experiences, and managing group discussions and activities.
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A person affiliated with a program who is recognized by that program as being directly responsible for educating an assistance dog team and/or meeting other educational requirements of the program.
The name of the instructor for the individual component/meet.
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a person to whom others look for leadership and knowledge
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a little more difficult
a highly respected member of the community
a member of a select group of
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a full time employee
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a good investment