Definitions for "Pla"
polylactic acid — a polymer composed of lactic acid monomer units in the polymeric backbone generally synthesized by condensation methods and result in lower molecular weight polymers.
A more technically correct abbreviation for the resorbable polymer made from lactide precursors (general term, without specification of stereochemical or isomeric configuration) (a.k.a. polylactide).
Polymerized Lactic Acid – A corn-based resin made by NatureWorks PLA that requires significantly less energy to mold into plastic containers. Many of Alpha's PET and HDPE molds can be easily converted to run bottles and jars from this renewable resource.
Programmable Logic Array. The most user-configurable of the traditional programmable logic devices, because both the AND and OR arrays are programmable.
Programmable Logic Array Either AND-OR or NOR-NOR structure.
Programmable Logic Array - an array of logic elements that can be programmed to perform various functions.
Prior Learning Assessment. To grant credits towards a certificate, diploma, or degree for learning gained through work, training, or informal experience.
Participatory Learning and Action
Parents Learning Allowance. A means tested grant of up to £1400 (2006/07 rate) payable to students with children.
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Prê ts Locatifs Aidé s
Present Level of Athleticism, current state of athletic ability. Is not a predictor of future success.
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Plat Alteration PLP Preliminary Long Plat
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People's Liberation Army
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Port of London Authority.
Public Library Association
Division of the American Library Association.
(see "program length advertisement")
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Project Labor Agreement
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Product License Application