Definitions for "Learner"
Any user who accesses or uses resources to gather information, acquire skills, or construct knowledge For example, a college student in a course, a faculty or staff member or administrator in on the job training (OJT).
a blank slate, whereby he has nothing in his mind
a worker who is being trained for an occupation, which is not customarily recognized as an apprenticeable trade, for which skill, dexterity and judgment must be learned and who, when initially employed, produces little or nothing of value
the person whose frequency of actions will be changed; as used here, a synonym for student.
A student, trainee or any other participant on a programme.
The term 'learner' is now widely used in South Africa, specifically in Education Department legislation and policy documents, in preference to 'student', to reflect a more active, inclusive and lifelong process of learning.
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One who learns; a scholar.
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Very hard to define in ringing terms, but generally someone who has recently begun ringing. Most likely applied to someone who is learning to ring on their own, or learning rounds and call changes, may even be applied into the early methods.
someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
Schemas, APIs, and applications for various features of a learner
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Learner lets you teach a computer in plain English things that you know. Learner uses what it already knows to keep asking you follow-up and new questions. See to try it out! .
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works for an expert to learn a trade
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Any person engaged in a learning activity.