Definitions for "Features"
(FEA·tures). Material culture associated in or about an archaeological site which ordinarily would not be removed to a research laboratory or other off site facility for further study and analysis, e.g., earth ovens, postholes, houses, mudbrick walls, dirt floors, storage pits, and the like.
remains of human-made structures (such as a wall, a hearth, a hole from a post, or a trash pit)
Evidence of human activities visible as disturbances in the soil. Such disturbances are produced by digging pits for storage, setting posts for houses, or by constructing a hearth for cooking. These disturbances are often distinguished by soil discolorations.
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The collective term for individual locations shown on map layers, which in turn can be displayed on the map. For example, a 'feature' could be a building, an area, a street, a road, or postcode etc.
The collective term for things shown on, or by, map layers which can be displayed on the map. For example, a 'feature' could be a specific point on the map or an area, a street, a road, or postcode, etc.
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a superphone
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(Coinage by Alan Beck) Editing and production features of radio such as montage, cuts, balancing, fading, segue, mixing in a music bed, digital treatment, etc. Features are the formal strategies of radio and they are part of radio's articulation.
One of the three sides of the trade off triangle, the other two being resources and schedule, it refers to the product and its quality.
Qualities your product or service has, such as power-steering or a silk lining.
may include: copyhistory visited pages (?); directories buttons to predefined addresses; height=x in pixels; location field for URL; menubar of the browser; resizable can resize window; scrollbars if contents do not fit in the window; status statusbar; toolbar with e.g. "Back" and "Forward"; width=x in pixels. - if none of these are specified, then get the normal browser window. See Netscape: JavaScript Reference: window
The unique features of the rock that allow climbing - (i.e. holds, cracks etc.) At indoor gyms, people refer to features as the permanent textures or holds in the wall itself as opposed to holds which are bolted on and can be moved around the create routes and boulder problems. !-- google_ad_client = "pub-6361883276939219"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; google_ad_format = "468x60_as"; google_ad_type = "text_image"; google_ad_channel =""; google_color_border = "FEF7A5"; google_color_bg = "FEF7A5"; google_color_link = "000000"; google_color_url = "000000"; google_color_text = "000000"; //-- Advertise Here
CONTENTS SUMMARY The most recent revisions to Debtor–Creditor Law and Procedure reflect reader comments about the second edition. The laws that affect the debtor and creditor relationship, including the new Small Claims Court Rules, have been updated, and numerical errors have been corrected. The revised edition has the word "Revised" on the cover. This re-shaped second edition by Laurence Olivo presents the material much more effectively and includes substantial updates. Since the first edition was released in 1999, there have been a variety of changes to the laws that affect the relationships between creditors and debtors. The new edition explains debtor and creditor law and procedure in a clear, straightforward, practical manner. Features • up-to-date court forms, procedural rules, and legislation • improved layout of forms and examples • updated search and practice techniques • up-to-date Web site references • enhanced accuracy and precision • a NEW Instructor's Guide Contents Summary
in-broadcast exposure typically dedicated to a sponsor and consisting of the sponsor's name and/or corporate logo identification shown with information about the event (athlete biographies, score updates, facts, etc.).
fantasy & supernatural futuristic & sci-fi historical humor modern spoofs
A dimension of quality that refers to those attributes of a product that supplement the itemâ€(tm)s basic performance.
the recognizable attributes of an area including landforms, vegetation, structures, and bodies of water.
any attributes of the loan e.g. redraw facility, combination loan facility, portability.
The patterns generated during a photolithography process. Typically, these are made from photoresist.
In pattern recognition, features are the individual measurable heuristic properties of the phenomena being observed. Choosing discriminating and independent features is key to any pattern recognition algorithm being successful in classification.
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The separate functions of a satellite receiver that may make one satellite TV system more appropriate for your requirements over another. It is important that satellite TV shoppers understand what the different features are and how they may be needed to create a perfect installation for the shoppers needs. Many features are unknown to shoppers and often new satellite TV dish owners learn to late what they features they should have been looking for. Here are is a list of the most common over looked features when purchasing satellite TV systems. Digital Dolby A/C-3 Oval Dish UHF Remote
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A page without a left navigation area that may be used for a news item or a feature story. A sidebar page is a type of feature page.
Extra characteristics in addition to main functions, e.g. design and weight.
Characteristics of your products, services, company and self, that have functions to solve or that prevent problems. (See also advantages and benefits.)
Characteristics of a category that an entity must possess, and need only possess, in order to belong in that category.
The features available for designing a Web site are numerous, from guest books, to audio/video streaming, to chat rooms and bulletin boards.
This is another word used for monuments but more often is used to describe parts of a monument, of which very little survives.
A set of points, lines or polygons in a spatial database that represent a real-world entity. The terms feature and object are often used synonymously.
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Any extra actions that make a figure unique. Includes wind-up, glow-in-the-dark plastic parts and spring-loaded mechanisms.
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Representations of real-world objects using geometric primitives (points, lines, and areas).
Features are technical details about a product: for example, their construction and operation. Features explain how and why.
Detailed description
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a good way to avoid a lot of headaches